Property Grunt

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Forbes Most Expensive Zip Codes

Check it out. Forbes has compiled an extensive list of places that the majority of the world can't afford. Starting at #1 is Sagaponack, Suffolk, NY, which I can't say I am surprised since I understand it attracts transfers from the NYPD because of the high pay and low crime rate. #2 is Rancho Santa Fe located in San Diego California. I visited Rancho Santa Fe last year and it is absolutely beautiful. The views that some of these homes have are to die for. #3 is Newport Beach. THE OC WOOOO! and let's cut to the chase for the most important one which is New York, New York which places at a respectbale 12.

Besides featuring an extensive list of expensive zip codes Forbes has also included a video feature staring the lovely Sara Clemence titled Decoding the Best Addresses.