Property Grunt

Monday, November 06, 2006

The politics are dancing.

New York City’s political climate is the best example of how politics have played a key role in the current state of real estate development. Bloomberg has displayed how politics can be used to encourage development and Bruce Ratner is an example of how even a man of his stature can be reigned in by those who have only their voices to fight with. Whether you are a developer or a just a homeowner, it is imperative to be aware of the politics of your neighborhood since it will either benefit or destroy your project.

Which brings me to the midterm elections occuring tomorrow. Its old news but the reality of Iraq is starting to become more obvious. It seems that Bush has mistaken pushing water as progress when in fact things have been spiraling out of control for awhile in Iraq. To make things worse Bob Woodward has come out with his Book State of Denial, which has presented harsh evidence that our administration is unable or unwilling to face the truth that invading Iraq was a really bad idea but also that the US does not have the capabilities to control the situation. Condolezza Rice has not emerged unscathed as disturbing evidence has been presented that the CIA did present information to her that Al Quadea was planning an attack several months before September 11th. Of course what also hasn’t helped the credibility of the administration is that an intelligence report was leaked that the current war in Iraq is actually fueling more polarization and creating more terrorists who are more than willing to blow themselves up to destroy the great satan.

Now adding to the mix is a pedohophile in the Republican party. Before I go any further, let’s get something clear, no matter how they spin it and try to blame on alcoholism, homosexuality, ABC news and the Democrats, Mark Foley is a predator whoe he used his position to prey on the young and powerless. I meanfor god's sake, the man was engaging in online sex before a house vote with a minor.

So any comments that it wasn’t his fault or that this is a conspiracy will not be tolerated.

Do not mistake what I am saying as a rant. It isn’t. I just pointing out the obvious that the tide has turned against the Republican party. A reckoning is coming and there is going to be a lot of new faces come January of 2007 in the Senate and House of Representatives. And if the Democrats are successful its going to make the last two years of Bush’s presidency very interesting. That is if he lasts that long. The possibility does loom that he could be impeached. And with North Korea now flexing their nuclear muscles and Iran playing catch up, it certainly makes things more interesting.

The real estate market is already heading downhill and has presented itself as a drag on the economy. If the political winds change in Washington, then the industry could be in for more of a beating. Already Democrats are acting as if they have already won, declaring that once their party is in power they are going to raise the minimum wage and tax the rich into the stone age. For all we know they might even tinker with real estate tax laws. That is if John Kerry can keep his mouth shut and not saying anything stupid.

Now I am becoming nostalgic for my youth when all I had to worry about was nuclear war and a marine selling arms for hostages to fight against commies in Latin America.

Basically we are dealing with a basketful of unknowns which is something people really don’t like. Whether it is impeachment or new taxes, non likes any obstacles in their flight to quality. Of course Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi says everything will be cool.

"Making them lame ducks is good enough for me."

That is until the Democrats hunger for a duck dinner.