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Thursday, February 15, 2007


WARNING: This entry will be offensive. Unfortunately it is necessary to present a point or two. If you are easyily offended then go to Gothamist for a less offensive entry.

Recently a group of musicians pulled a Rosie O’Donnell by naming themselves The Ch**g Ch**g Song. Now those of you who are dense, “Ch**g C**ng” is a derogatory term aim spefically towards the Chinese language but it is a slur that can be applied to Asians in general.

So these poseur hipsters were forced to cancel a concert at Bryn Mawr College and in response, the lead singer wrote a unremarkable and incoherent letter defending their name stating that Ch**g Ch**g” was German slang and that the people who forced the cancellation of the concert were ignorant. She also insinuated that being a child of a gay parent and of Italian descent allowed her to act this way.

I am not going to go any further about the letter because I think I lost a couple of IQ points reading it. You can tell this girl was rejected by a couple of community colleges with the way she formualtes her senteces and arguments.

Of course Bryn Mawr responded in kind with a barrage of letters which include the editor, a student and the Office of Intercultural Affairs which I thought hit it on the nail.

Ms. LaMendola maintains that the band’s name is “(non)offensive,” despite ASA’s efforts to educate her on the derogatory nature of the term, “Ching Chong.” Her explanation that a variation of the band’s name, Ching Chang Chong, is the name of a game in Germany, is irrelevant. Our community is not in Germany. “Ching Chong Song” is offensive to the Asian students, faculty and staff at Bryn Mawr College, where the band was initially asked to play. Ms. LaMendola proposes, with no foundation, that homophobia is the basis for opposing her band’s appearance at Bryn Mawr. Matters of sexual orientation are perfectly immaterial to the band being asked not to appear here. Further, we do not believe that Ms. LaMendola’s sexuality or views on sexuality entitle or permit her in any way to insult another community. It is the group’s name, which is the offending issue—nothing more. Our community is insulted and offended (not “scared,” by the way) by the group’s name, and that is the reason for the cancellation.

And of course NYU, known for being sensitive to the needs of gays, lesbians and minorities decided to invite these douchebags to play a concert even though they already knew about the controversy. Unsuprisingly, the Asian Student body responded with a peaceful protest which resulted in the band apologizing and changing their name. Of course the apology was an insincere one

NYU senior Lily Yuan expressed concern about the sincerity of the band’s apology. "But, even though the band changed their name, they announced it with sarcasm and pride and few words that meant nothing and left us standing in humiliation and shock." Yuan was brought to tears during the band public apology when band member LaMendola said, "The college banned me from performing and then I wrote them a letter calling them retarded t**ts [the audience laughed]...Yea I thought it was pretty funny too..."

If you are going to argue that this is just an example of overreaction by the rice eaters and that people missed the point because as artists they were being ironic or making fun of racism, well you can go f**k yourself. That dog didn’t hunt for SS and it’s not going to work for this poseur trash. I don’t care how good their music is or what their intentions were. These people f**ked up royally.

However, I am not here to debate about racism or lecture people about respecting people’s cultures. I would like to take this opportunity to talk about something very important which is our economic surivial. I know that racism and survival sound like a bit of a stretch, but please bear with me.

All those plasma tvs, sneakers, blue jeans that you can get for rock bottom prices are due to the cheap Chinese labor that can be bought off with a pack of cigarettes and some congee. Walmart has practically stocked its shelves with made in China products. Which is ironic because 25 years ago they maintained a strong policy of only purchasing items that were made in America.

China has also become a popular destination to not only adopt yourself a kid or two but to get your rocks off. Afterall, if perverted Japanese businessmen are running in droves to swap spit and other bodliy fluids with the indeginious female population, then you know it has to be a sexual paradise.

One of the key reasons why the US has enjoyed such a great housing market is that China has been been gobbling up our debt like Rosie O’Donnell at an Nathan’s Hot Dog eating contest. Which is the reason why China will play a pivotal role on whether we are able to ride the housing storm.

So, those of you in real estate who like to make racist remarks towards Asians I have two pieces of advice for you.

Shut your mouth and know your role.

Not because it is wrong or immoral but it is a really bad idea to f**k with these people and this is why.

According to the AP
China's recent signal that it may diversify its foreign investments in 2006 has mortgage industry watchers concerned that if China buys fewer U.S. Treasury securities this year, it may drive interest rates higher and pour more cold water on the real estate market.

Are we getting the picture now? Piss off the Chinese and all of us could be working at Starbucks for health insurance. If you still don't get it. Well, I found this video that will clear everything up.

Don't get me wrong. I am a big believer in the right to free speech. I wouldn't be here with out it. Those idiot poseurs can call their band whatever they want, but they need to be aware if they say something that is deemed offensive, they will be called out on it. That's how free speech works. It works for everybody. Even me.

Please don't take this entry as a love letter for all things Chinese. There are times when I get annoyed by Chinese culture. Last weekend I picked up Hong Kong Style vegetable lo mein from Big Wing Wong in Chinatown. It turned out to be some vegetables and instant remen noodles. But I was already in the midtown area and it was too late to do anything about it. So I just treated it as another lesson about Chinese food which includes never to order what the waiter recommends and don't get the butterfly shrimp.

Remember. Don't piss off the Chinese. They are the ones with the money.