Property Grunt

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Williamsburg is the new Park Slope

This weekend I was at a party in the Burg of Brooklyn. As far as I could tell, it was still the same place the last time I visited, just with more buildings being put up.

The nightlife is quite vibrant and is a stark contrast to what is going on in the meat packing district. However from my conversations it appears that there was more than meets the eye in Williamsburg

Over drinks I made the comment that besides the changes, it appeared that Williamsburg had maintained a certain consistency, one of my amigos told me that I was sorely mistaken. From what she had seen, there are more families now in Williamsburg which surprised me since I always that that was Park Slope. She pointed out to me that Park Slope had become waaay too expensive so alot of the families were moving down here much to the chagrin of the locals.

Apparently the invaders, I mean families have been reenacting Francisco Pizarro's conquest of Peru by doing as they please in their new haunts.

I heard one horror story where a local dive bar known for reeking of urine and pale, along with their fantastic Sunday brunch was turned into the Lord of the Flies of daycare when some parents indulged in coffee and eggs while letting their spawn run amok in the bar disrupting the rest of the customers. The person telling me the story cursed under her breath about these brats but assured me that she loved kids. As long as they were well behaved. Then we all shared stories about how we were raised and how our parents would never tolerate this type of behavior.

I also heard a story about strollers being used as battering rams, as mothers were overtaking sidewalks and not having the courtesy to stop and let people pass by. Instead they chose simply to run over anything in their path.

I was curious to see what one person's plans were when the indigenious became officially outnumbered by the Baby Einstein set.

"So what are you going to do when all the families overrun Williamsburg?"

"Nothing. I live in Greenpoint."