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Thursday, July 17, 2008

There is no happy ending here.

This is the real thing.

I was going to hold off post for another time this but after reading on Gawker about the special services that offered to ladies at certain spas, I couldn't resist. And why not join the party? It would serve as a tension breaker from all the economic insanity that is swirling around us.

I go to this Tui Na specialist every now and then. This specialist is completely legit and well versed in the art of Tui Na also know as acupressure, which is a form of massage that has worked wonders for me.

Recently my specialist has had to move to a different location due to a reality that we are all familiar with. Getting a new boss who happens to be a douchebag. I will talk about that more in another entry.

When I first arrived at my specialist’s new place of business I was a bit alarmed and amused when I saw this sign.

I didn’t ask why the sign was there but I ascertained that apparently there must have been some confusion when some clients were under the impression that certain forms of manual release were part of the Tui Na repertoire. I assume that this was the owner’s way of sending a polite yet firm message that this was not that type of establishment. I assure you that no legitimate Tui Na specialist engages in that sort of activity.

I am huge proponent of Tui Na however you have to be very careful who you pick. Not only can a inexperienced individual cause alot damage but you might be getting an unexpected surprise or two. I had a very creepy experience recently walking through a street fair when at one of the booths there was a bunch of Chinese people giving back massages. The barker of the crew pressed in my hand a pamphlet and said to me:

“I can get you any girl you want. Chinese, Spanish.”
"Uhh no thanks."

This video has nothing to do with Tui Na. But for some reason I find it quite mesmerizing. Must be the tattoo.