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Thursday, February 19, 2009

The few at NYU

Greetings folks. You will see that there has been a lack of posts since Monday. The reason is simple. I have been fighting off the flu since last Friday. I am not entirely 100% but I am much better now.

Anyways I have glued to CNBC all week watching the markets and hearing all the back forth regarding the economy, Obama's stimulus plan, Rick Santelli's invitation for tea for a and learning why it is a bad idea to have a Chimpanzee for a pet. Didn't these people ever watch Project X? Those animals can vicious.

I will be talking about that in the very near future. Yes, even about the Chimpanzee.

However I would like to discuss a current event that is happening locally which is about a group of students who have taken over their cafeteria at NYU.

Savor the victory because pain is coming around the corner.

I am too tired to explain what the situation is so go to this Gothamist link that will
give you the run down.

This act of defiance by these students is quite admirable yet completely futile. NYU does not respond well to these type so actions. It is just an annoyance that is not worth their time. If you want change to occur with NYU, it has to be with money.

As I stated before in a previous entry, my theory behind NYU's enacting a hiring freeze and hiking tuition is to lend more money to their Wall Street comrades. If you can control that money, you control everything.

How does one do that? Simple. Take over the board. Put in your own president. Is it easy to do? Hells no. But that is probably the most realistic option to get students' demands met.

If you want to take the protest route then it must done in the scarle of the Montgomery Bus Boycott. That means all students boycott going to class and paying tuition. That would be severe.

Of course being a little flashy doesn't hurt. NSFW.

I was actually in the area tonight and I took a couple of pictures.

There was a crowd of guys across the street watching the whole thing and were loudly discussing how the police would end the protest. They were alumni that actually, their words not mine, see some "skulls crushed." I responded by saying that was an interesting thought.

I discussed the protesters demands with one of the guy who stated that they were demanding 8 different things that had nothing to do with each other. We both shared a laugh when I said it sounds just like Obama's stimulus package.

Then I left because it was getting cold.

However, I also believe that this will not be last time we will see protests at NYU. In fact if a new wind blows into town you are going to see a lot pissed off students. But that is story for another time.