Property Grunt

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Random Chatter

I had my Sunday all planned which consisted of working out and making some trips. I didn't even get to work out when I was regurgitating reconstituted frozen onion rings from America's Choice that I had eaten the night before.

So I have spent the past two days laying in my bed while my stomach reenacted ''Das Rheingold" while subsisting on a diet to pepto bismol, gatorade, ginger ale and white rice and remen noodles.

I am feeling much better and after a night of rest I think I will be ready to go. So as far as I know this is not swine flu because I figured if it was I would be in worse shape. However, I did put my time to use putting my ear to the ground.

MBA students are learning very quickly that trying to find an internship in this market is like spelunking in Rosie O'Donnell's cavernous nether regions. It is just eternal darkness. From what I hear it they might be better off taking some classes over the summer.

Although this is no big surprise to anyone, I got further confirmation that a well known investing banking firm that is having a really s**ty year( yeah, which one,) that things are really s**ty for everyone in that company. Even with the TARP money, it would not surprise me if they were to be absorbed by another bank.