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Friday, August 07, 2009

Forget about the GIJoe movie but don't forget about John Hughes

This is what the GIJoe movie should have been.

As many of you know, the inspiration for the name of this blog came from a childhood comic book of mine, GIJoe. I still hold that comic and the cartoon in high regard. I have even met the great Larry Hama twice who took pictures with me and signed my comics.

Which is why I am not paying money to see the movie.

I had problems with the movie from the git go when they hired Stephen Sommers to direct it. I have read the background information, the spoilers and the comic book movie adaptation which confirm my worst fears for the film which is that they show very little respect for the source material.

Paramount already knows this movie sucks ass after word leaked about the test audience scores being the lowest in history and Stephen Sommers being let go and rehired. So they have waged a hearts and minds campaign by drafting critics sympathetic to their cause to spread the word of mouth that this is an awesome movie.


If you want to do something really constructive with your time. Rent a bunch of John Hughes films. Breakfast Club, sixteen Candles, Planes, Trains and Automobiles.

Pay tribute to the man who played a key role the teen movie experience in the 1980's.

God Bless you John Hughes.