Property Grunt

Sunday, September 13, 2009

There is a special place in hell for you.

Like a lot of people, I have keeping close watch on the disappearance of Annie Le.

It appears our worst fears have come true.

Police Seeking Missing Yale Student Find Body


The six-day search for a missing Yale graduate student ended on Sunday with the discovery of a body in a basement wall of a university laboratory building where she had last been seen, authorities in New Haven said.

While the remains have not been officially identified, Peter Reichard, New Haven assistant police chief, said at a 9 p.m. press briefing that the authorities presume they have found Annie Le, 24, a graduate student who was last seen on Tuesday, five days before her wedding.

Although surveillance cameras captured her entering the building at 10 a.m. that day, there were no images of her ever leaving the building.

Ms. Le’s disappearance led to a frantic search that gripped much of the country, as early speculation of a runaway bride quickly gave way to near certainty that foul play was involved.

In an e-mail message sent to students Sunday night, the president of Yale announced that a body had been found in the basement of the university laboratory.

“Our hearts go out to Annie Le’s family, fiancé and friends, who must suffer the additional ordeal of waiting for the body to be identified,” wrote Richard C. Levin, the Yale president. He added, “Law enforcement officials remain on the scene; this is an active investigation, and we hope it is resolved quickly.”

No suspect has been identified.

Much of the attention Sunday had been focused on a hulking gray building on the industrial fringe of Hartford: a Connecticut Resources Recovery Authority waste processing facility and incinerator near the bank of the Connecticut River.

There, investigators from a half-dozen law enforcement agencies, wearing hazardous-materials suits and carrying shovels at the end of long poles, sorted through thousands of tons of trash looking for traces of Ms. Le. Officials did not say if they had found anything there.

A few hours before the body was found, Bill Reiner, an F.B.I. spokesman, said, “The reason why we’re up there is that we’re following trash from 10 Amistad,” the Yale medical lab building. “That’s all I can tell you.”

During the afternoon, men and women came and went through a door next to a rubber-curtained entrance bay at the waste processing plant. A State Police van drove through the gate; barking issued from within. The press corps cordoned behind a barbed-wire-topped fence traded sightings: a police dog being exercised, an investigator carrying what looked like a squeegee mop.

In a thousand places, people’s thoughts turned to what should have been on Sunday, when Ms. Le, a third-year student in pharmacology from Placerville, Calif., was scheduled to be married. The ceremony would have taken place on what turned out to be a brilliant late-summer morning. Ms. Le was to have married Jonathan Widawsky, a graduate student at Columbia, at the North Ritz Club in Syosset on Long Island, near the groom’s family’s home.

“This is Annie’s bouquet,” a woman said to a television reporter earlier, proffering a sad-looking array of roses. “It’s wilting.”

Deborah Kiley of Deborah’s Hair Loft in Huntington, N.Y., who was to have styled the hair of Ms. Le, her mother, Mr. Widawsky’s mother and five attendants on Sunday morning, said she was praying for Ms. Le and her family.

“I can’t even accept it right now,” Ms. Kiley said. “I never forget a soul I meet. I was going to be part of a beautiful day, which is the most important day of a girl’s life other than the day she gives birth.”

On Bittersweet Place in Huntington, the Widawsky family remained in seclusion. The Le family, which had traveled to New Haven, was not heard from either.

At the North Ritz Club, a woman on the phone who gave her name only as Mary Ellen parried a call. “We’re not giving any comment,” she said. “What comment is there to say?”

Robert Davey and Angela Macropoulos contributed reporting.

To the piece of human garbage that did this, pray to God that you are in custody. This was an innocent girl who was out make the world a better place and was about to embark on a beautiful journey with her husband to be.

There is a special place in hell for you. So if you want take the coward's way out, go right ahead. You won't get very far.

My heartfelt condolences to Annie's family and loved ones.

Rest in peace in Annie.