Property Grunt

Thursday, November 12, 2009


Ingratitude to one's nation, especially when they have been provided with so much, is something that I personally find despicable in a human being.

Which brings me to this piece of trash.

First of all I want to get something clear right now. As far as I am concerned, this man does not represent Muslims. True Muslims are peace loving people. I remember watching the History Channel on Muslims and learned that in ancient times, that when Muslims lived in a relative in peace in ares they controlled. The reason why is that the Muslims were actually pretty chill with people that were under their rule. Back then, Muslims let non-Muslims do live their lives as long as they did not attack Muslims and paid their taxes.

What I am writing about is ingratitude, selfishness and the choosing to hurt and destroy others out of frustration about one's life.

Here are some facts about this douchebag.

First all this piece of human waste wanted to get out of the Army.

Around 2004, Major Hasan started feeling disgruntled about the Army, relatives said. He described anti-Muslim harassment and sought legal advice, possibly from an Army lawyer, about getting a discharge.

But because the Army had paid for his education, and probably because the Army was in great need of mental health professionals and was trying to recruit Arab-Americans, he was advised that his chances of getting out were minuscule, relatives said.

“They told him that he would be allowed out only if Rumsfeld himself O.K.’d it,” said a cousin, Nader Hasan, referring to Donald H. Rumsfeld, then the secretary of defense. Relatives said they were unclear whether Major Hasan sought assistance from a private lawyer; then, about two years ago, his cousin Nader Hasan said, he resigned himself to staying in the Army through the end of his commitment.

An Army spokesman said on Sunday that he did not know the length of Major Hasan’s commitment. But for medical officers, it is typically seven years after graduation from military medical school, which would have meant at least into 2010 for Major Hasan.

There were a litany of options for this a**hole to follow where he could opt out of the military. Worst case scenario he could ask for sanctuary at a mosque. And if he had stuck out his toru of duty, he would he would have his wake up within a year.

Here is what really angers me.

Major Hasan was the oldest of three boys, all of whom helped in the family businesses before going off to college and professional schools. Major Hasan graduated with honors from Virginia Tech in biochemistry in 1995. His brother Anas became a lawyer and moved several years ago to Ramallah in the West Bank, where the family still owns property, relatives said. The third brother, Eyad, graduated from George Mason University and became a human resources officer for a medical research firm based in Virginia.

Against the wishes of his parents, relatives said, Major Hasan enlisted in the Army after graduating from college and entered an officer basic training program at Fort Sam Houston, Tex. He was commissioned in 1997 and went to medical school at the Uniformed Services University of Health Sciences in Bethesda, Md., a selective and tuition-free program.

Here's the deal folks. When you join Uncle Sam's Volunteer Military, you volunteer with the understanding you are the property of the United States Government. Even after your tour of duty is up and you have left the military, you are still subject to being recalled which was reported by 60 Minutes.

And whether you are a cook for the military or a Navy Seal, you must accept the fact that you will be put in harm's way. You got a problem with that? Then don't join the military.

Besides the senseless tragic loss of human life, what also makes me angry is that this douchebag should have made peace with the fact that there was a chance that the armed forces would come into conflict with the Middle East, after all any child with a junior high school education knows that America bombed Libya.

He was given the best medical education in the field that is sorely needed in our military and now he was having second thoughts? He wasn't even going to be harm's way. And he was not even going to be pulling the trigger on other Muslims.

This did not have to go down this way. He could have been a contentious objector or he could have gone AWOL and jumped ship to Canada.

I am just so angry about this betrayal because this murderous piece of garbage got everything he asked from our country. Uncle Sam did his part but this a**hole did not have the balls to hold up his end of the deal and he had to kill and hurt innocent people in the process.

It is hard enough to be a soldier nowadays. They don't need this. They don't deserve this.