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Thursday, January 07, 2010

Don't move to Philadelphia if your Asian.

Yes. This is for real.

Recently Phidelphia attempted to market itself as the next borough of New York City. However it has been a destination for Asian New Yorkers for sometime.

In the last couple of years, a rising number of Asians from New York City, specifically from Chinatown moved into Philadephia. These were restaurant workers who would commute to NYC while their families stayed in Philadelphia.

Everyone loves Asians. Their quite industrious people who raise property values and test scores.

However they are not always welcome. Especially in South Philadelphia.

In summary, Asian American kids have been getting jumped by their indigenous peers. For further details go to this link.

It has gotten to the point that these kids are afraid to eat lunch in the cafeteria.

And what has the administration done? Other than hooting and hollering, not much.

No consensus on prevention at South Phila. High meeting

Apparently the Superintendent has dealt with these types of situations before and responded with the same CYA.

In other words she is collecting her pay until she can retire and cash in on her pension.

In other words she does not give a f**k.

What is the solution? Don't go there. If people are too stupid, too provincial to recognize a good thing when they see it, then let them wallow in their own ineffectual slime pit.

What will eventually happen is that the armies of gentrification will arise and when they see the hordes of gays and rich white people at their doorsteps, they will wish they will wish they never touched a single hair on any Asian.