Property Grunt

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

John Wayne Bill Indeed.

What they are asking for is science fiction.

When it comes to gun right, I am pretty much indifferent, but I strongly believe that people should make an effort to educate themselves in how to properly utilize them and the consequences of using them.

Police Officers are unique because they not only do they receive the education in using firearms but they are also to required to learn from the streets.

Which brings me to this article.

Bill May Forbid Cops From Shooting to Kill

I understand the logic behind this bill but all they are doing is further hamstringing from doing their job. Contrary to popular, the general consensus amongst is that the lost thing a cop wants to do is pull their weapon and use it. When a cop uses their gun int eh line of duty, a big party is thrown where Internal Affairs, the District Attorney and depending on the situation other government officials and community activists. It requires a lot of paperwork and meetings. Lots of meetings. It is a huge pain the ass. I haven't even touched the mental and physical consequences.

In fact some of the best cops are the ones who are not associated with having a body count.

I understand the logic of this bill but this is not the answer. If this bill passes you are going to count on having more dead and wounded cops. If criminals know their chances of survival in a gunfight with the police have increased, they will definitely take that advantage and you are going to have more dead and wounded cops.

What the politicians should do is require more training of police officers and examine and address unjustified police shootings. Issuing these types of restrictions is just going hamper cops from doing their job.

Awhile back, a officer from the NYPD explained the bizarre nature of shootings. He told me that it was natural that a cop will go through an entire magazine even though it will feel like they fire maybe 3 shots. The adrenaline dump will hit them so hard that it will create tunnel vision. It is also not uncommon for police officer to mistake a ricochet or even debris caused by a bullet as being shot at.

And this is just scratching the surface of what cops have have to deal with. This bill is not going to help them any more.

Yesterday, a mother from China picked up the body of her daughter who beaten to death and raped.

And we are still dealing with the repercussions of that douchebag bomber of Times Square.

Are these people completely unaware of what is going on now?