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Monday, July 12, 2010

Something is going on

Can't give you full details since I don't have any. But I have had some gut feelings that are slowly being confirmed through personal chatter.

What I feel is another shake up is coming. Bigger than the last.

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Holding out for what?

I was looking for this quote but I think everyone will get the point with this clip reel.

American Dream Is Elusive for New Generation

This is a story of Scott Nicholson who has an impressive list of accomplishments at 24 years old.

a graduate of Colgate University,

winner of a dean’s award for academic excellence
Has as a landscaper
volunteer fire figther

Now Scott is like a lot of people, which is that he is unemployed and constantly searching for a job. Something amazing happened.

Over the last five months, only one job materialized. After several interviews, the Hanover Insurance Group in nearby Worcester offered to hire him as an associate claims adjuster, at $40,000 a year.

End of story? Nope. Just a beginning of a tragedy in the making.

But even before the formal offer, Mr. Nicholson had decided not to take the job.

Yes. You read that correctly. He turned the a job that most people give theri left nut for.


Rather than waste early years in dead-end work, he reasoned, he would hold out for a corporate position that would draw on his college training and put him, as he sees it, on the bottom rungs of a career ladder.

“As frustrated as I get now, and I never intended to live at home, I’m in a good situation in a lot of ways,” Scott said. “I have very little overhead and no debt, and it is because I have no debt that I have any sort of flexibility to look for work. Otherwise, I would have to have a job, some kind of full-time job.”

It certainly does help when your grandparents are paying for your college tuition and your parents are allowing you to live in the house rent free.

This reminds me a of a story of a young lady I met recently. She had been laid off for a about a year when she landed a new job. Several months later, I ran into her and asked how teh new job was working out. She said it wasn't. She decided it wasn't for her, quit and went back onto unemployment.

"You probably think I am crazy to do this in this economy." She said to me.

"No. You should not do anything that makes you unhappy." I replied.

"Oh. Thank you." She said with relief.

Secretly I was thinking that she was out of her mind. I feel the same way about this idiot.

The truth about your first job out of college is that it is rarely the job that you want. In fact it may have absolutley nothing with your life goals. But that first job is the first step in becoming not just a successful person but as an adult. It is not just about getting a paycheck but learning certain skillsets in the workplace. I don't care what type of work you do. A cubicle is a cubicle wherever you go. And the longer you wait to learn those skillsets the harder it is to get your life together.

“The conversation I’m going to have with my parents now that I’ve turned down this job is more of a concern to me than turning down the job,” he said.

Concerned is an understatement. He should be s***ing in his pants right now.