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Monday, March 29, 2010

Not my problem.

I have been clearing out the draft folder and found this ditty from 7/26/05. Wow. It has been 5 years. This blog is old.

In a previous entry the Grunt discussed the importance of owners authorizing access for brokers in order to show. Well guess what happened again. The Grunt was on the verge of ripping apart a doorman but the then Grunt had a moment of clarity. This wasn't the Grunt's problem. You see the doorman is doing his job. If the doorman claims the Grunt does not have authorization and will not give access to the Grunt, then the Grunt will take the word of the doorman. Now whether this can be verified is another story.

For now the Grunt looks like an idiot in front of a group of people who want to see the apartment however the person who gets hurt the most is the seller. A very simple rule in real estate. You can't show, you can't sell. Since it is not the responsibility of the Grunt to get the authorization it falls on the seller's shoulders.

Now here's where it gets interesting. If the seller gave the Grunt authorization then doorman has a lot of questions to answer. If he doesn't have a justifiable reason for his actions then he is going to have one pissed off resident and the most dangerous thing to a doorman is an angry resident. Especially one who's trust has been violated by a doorman.

There are doormen who hide behind their authority and policy to make brokers lives aggravating. Sometimes its personal, sometimes it's their way to school the broker into acknowledging their authority. Grunt doesn't care either way. If I can't get in I can't get in. When the seller asks WTF? I will just point to the doorman.

A smart doorman will understand the dynamics of accountability. If they prevent a broker from entering they better damn well sure they are in the right and are doing to for the welfare for the building. If it is simply out of malice and the evidence supports that position they are going to be in a world of hurt.

But it is not sweat for the Grunt, because I am not the one at fault.


I do not remember much about the doorman but I do know that he got reamed badly by the owner.

This doorman was definitely the exception rather than the rule. Doormen are a vital part of a residential building as I have stated in my entry.

Doormen: The Gatekeepers of a building

Remember, show respect to them and they will respond in kind.

Friday, March 26, 2010


Our world.

Despite the fact the loan modifications aren't exactly working and evidence that the Obama administration's last efforts to stem the hemorrhaging haven't been working very well. In fact it may have done more harm than good.

U.S. Plans Big Expansion in Effort to Aid Homeowners

Many of these loans have been bundled together and sold to investors. Under the new program, the investors would have to swallow losses, but would probably be assured of getting more in the long run than if the borrowers went into foreclosure. The F.H.A. would insure the new loans against the risk of default. The borrower would once again have a reason to make payments instead of walking away from a property.

Many details of the administration’s plan remained unclear Thursday night, including the precise scope of the new program and the number of homeowners who might be likely to qualify.

One administration official cautioned that the investors might not be willing to volunteer any loans from borrowers that seemed solvent. That could set up a battle between borrowers and investors.

This much was clear, however: the plan, if successful, could put taxpayers at increased risk. If many additional borrowers move into F.H.A. loans, a renewed downturn in the housing market could send that government agency into the red.

We are in a vortex of s**t which now includes Social Security which arrived earlier than scheduled.

I am trying to write something witty, but I can't. All I see is grin and bear it.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Why do we bother?

Half of U.S. Home Loan Modifications Default Again

I need a drink.

Monday, March 22, 2010

How about a magic trick.

Trust me. It is as simple as that.

When it comes to picking a home, particularly one in the suburbs, it is common practice to pour over statistics, examine demographics, ratings and sorts of reports. Buyers desire the best place to buy especially if they want to raise a family.

But before you even start looking at homes let alone putting in offers. I would like to present a trick that will give you an idea if you where you want to live is the best place for you.

On a weekend get dressed in your Sunday best. Nothing too fancy but definitely above casual. The most important thing is that you look presentable. Then go to the desired neighborhood. If they have public transportation, all the better. Take that Metro North or bus into that area.

If your desired location is near a town or in a town, definitely walk through it. Look at the commercial strip. Examine what type of business are located in that area. If there is a Starbucks buy a cup of coffee. Take a seat and read a newspaper.

When you are walking on the street, ask directions to places you already know like the train station. Do it in different areas in town far out of sight of the location.See how people react. Do they make an effort to help or do they blow you off? Gauge the responses and see if there any similarities.

What makes a town appropriate for an individual is the people, it is absolutely imperative to get a feel for the people.

When you are partaking in these activities, observe the reactions of the people around you. Even simply walking past someone can give you an idea of whether the area is a place that welcomes new comers.

If you people are giving cold stares as you walk past them or move away from you when sit down in a chair or don't bother saying thank you when you open the door for them or they respond to a simple question about where the train station is with a I don't know, then this place might not be for you.

Remember this, it is not your fault. Contrary to popular belief America is not a melting pot. People can be just as a provincial as everyone else, it is their right. They can't engage in acts of discrimination which include steerage and red lining. But they have the right to be cold and rude to others who are different from them. It is a pretty stupid way to live but it is their lifestyle and they are free to live it. For those of you who don't give a f**k and want to live where you want, my hat's off to you. But there is nothing wrong with taking the path of least resistance and finding a place where you will be welcome.

For those of you who act in a provincial manner, consider this a warning. World is changing in more ways than we can imagine. Those who are unable or willing to adapt to outsiders, please do not say you were not warned. The barbarians are at the gate and they are armed with lots and lots of cash. And with money comes power. Something a lot of people in America are lacking these days.

It is not about we shall overcome. It is we shall overwhelm.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Only in America

NJ Lady With 1,000 Pound Dream Has A Manager Now

Donna Simpson, the 604-pound NJ woman whose "fantasy" to be 1,000 pounds, is now the toast of the town. According to the Star-Ledger, "Two days after the 42-year-old Simpson announced she intended to eat her way into the record books, 'Entertainment Tonight' was at her door. Her manager was fielding phone calls from 'Oprah,' 'Dr. Phil,' and 'Inside Edition.' And she’s been offered a reality show and book deal."

In other words, she's keeping it real.

Awhile ago if I read this I would shake my head. Now, nothing surprises me. Now is the time for her to cash in because who knows how long she will be alive.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Yeah, things are really looking up.

New York State Tax Refunds Put On Hold

Gov. Paterson Freezes $500 Million, Says Financial Situation The Case, Won't Start Sending Again Until April 1

That Soda Tax
is starting to look really good now isn't it?

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I have been digging around the old draft folder and found some entries that I would like to see the light of the day. This was written up last year.

In a previous entry I spoke of a certain development in my life that I need to address. I don't want to go into details out of respect for the parties involved but I can't remain silent on the regarding my own aggravation because it has been taking up a lot of my own cognitive space as the deadline looms closer and closer it has become more of a burden for me.

I have been invited to an event of sorts. This type of event is known to be a very joyful yet complicated one that requires presence of a variety of volunteers to assist with the event. Now I was basically drafted as a volunteer for this event by one of the organizers. I figured it would be one day. I was wrong. It turns out the event would entail more than one day. It would also require that those who have been selected would need put up their own capital for housing and transportation needs.

Now I have mention the location of this event is quite out of the way and the location is known to have very limited public transportation during certain hours of the day which coincidentally is when the event takes place. This requires the use a private motor vehicle that charges by a certain rate of distance from the main hub of transportation to the location where the event is to take place.

After seeing the terms that were presented to me by the organizing parties and seeing my capital outlays go beyond what I was comfortable with my initial investment. I realized the optimal strategy would exercise the single day option where I would be there for only the event itself. This would eliminate my housing costs and save time.

Even if we weren't experiencing a recession, I would still exercise these options because they are more feasible for me. When I stated my plan of action to one of the organizers, they basically outright rejected my proposal, stating that because of my role, I was required to spend the entire duration including the event .

I reminded them my role was only needed for the event itself. Not for the other days that that were also included with the event. Our discussion went on for several days through various forms of communication. It would be an understatement to say they were intense. The organizer finally conceded to my proposal.

There was no malice in what I was asking, in fact I think I was being quite reasonable because the terms they were presenting for the participants and volunteers of the event were unequal, in fact the majority of those individuals would greatly benefit from the arrangement due to their close proximity to the location therefore their operating expenses from housing to travel would be considerably reduced.

The organizers were coordinating the best possible arrangement that would benefit them and as many people as possible which I strongly believe is the appropriate action to take and I do not begrudge of these people who are taking advantage of the situation.

However, it does concern me when the organizers are unwilling to be sympathetic to the hardships for individuals like myself.

Yes. I have thought of pulling out, but I have made a commitment and I plan on keeping it.


At the end of the summer the organizer abruptly cut off all communication with me even though it appeared that all seemed civil between us after the event. I did attempt several times to re-establish ties but to no avail.

Any regrets? Absolutely not. I learned a long time ago that when you are not comfortable doing something, then don't do it at all. And if the people around aren't willing to understand or at least empathize with your plight then to hell with them. Why suffer needlessly?

Besides, I addressed the situation in a proper manner way before the event was to be held and not at the last minute which this organizer has done to me in the past. The organizer was more than well compensated for the event and by another party that I represented.

Now when it comes time to organize my own event, will I invite this person? Absolutely. It is the right thing to do. Whether they accept or not is up to them and after how they acted towards me I don't really give a damn what they say.

Monday, March 15, 2010

He accepted his final mission

Peter Graves, ‘Mission: Impossible’ Star, Dies at 83

Peter Graves, the cool spymaster of television’s “Mission: Impossible” and the dignified host of the “Biography” series, who successfully spoofed his own gravitas in the “Airplane!” movie farces, died on Sunday. He was 83.

Secret of the self destructing tape.

It's in their nature

Watch CBS News Videos Online

Watch CBS News Videos Online

Watch CBS News Videos Online

I absolutely recommend all of you to watch these 3 stories from 60 minutes since not only gives the rundown on Wall Street's role in the current economic mess. And it is very f**ked up.

And it confirms the following.

The theory of the 880 lbs gorilla has been proven.

Whatever fail safes that were in place, if they were ever in place at all, have completely failed.

Nobody did their due diligence or cared even to do it.

Just because you help someone out of a hole does not mean they will change their ways. And as Wall Street demonstrated when they were bailed out, they jumped right back in.

We are not out of the woods yet
and this will happen again. In fact, I would bet that there are forces at work right now who are preparing to take advantage of the double dip, and probably engineering another Greece.

In Wall Street as long as money is being made, nobody gives a f**k. It's their nature. Like a scorpion.

It is also in the people's nature to not take this lying down.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Greetings and Salutations

As some of you notice I haven't been blogging much as lately. I figure that is a bit disappointing to all 5 of my readers, give or take 1 or 2. Anyways, I have taken on some more responsibilities in my life. Nothing major but there are certain tasks that require my attention if I want to get ahead in life.

So for now, I will be Jason Dean sitting with my trench coat in back of the cafeteria, watching and waiting for the opportunity to meet my Veronica.

Monday, March 08, 2010

Give me back my dollar you bastards!

Not the same commercial but you get the idea.

Recently McDonald's began their two filet o fish sandwiches for 4 bucks deal which the Grunt took advantage of. The latest development of this deal is that they are offering 2 filet of fish sandwiches for 3 bucks.

Too good to be true? In Manhattan it is. Yesterday I was going to take advantage of that deal when I noticed that the advertisements for that deal still listed it for 4 bucks. I asked an employee about that and was told the following.

1. Yes and no. There is a deal for 3 bucks for 2 filet o fish sandwiches but not in Manhattan.

2. If you want the 2 filet o fish sandwiches for 3 bucks you have to go to the Bronx.

So basically it is a bait in switch in Manhattan and all the boroughs except for the Bronx.

So the Grunt took his business to another lunch destination which was actually a really bad idea which will be discussed in a later entry.

One last thing.


Friday, March 05, 2010

And you thought Peter Parker was having a bad day

Looking for a scandal? you throw a rock into the New political scene, you are bound to hit one.

Nothing new here. Paterson is getting slammed. How so you say? Take your pick.

Do You Suffer from Scandal Fatigue? Paterson Hopes So!

Paterson Aide Forged Gov's Signature on Check to Yankees

As Scandal Continues, NY State Police Chief Resigns

Despite a defiant front, Rangel is getting his.

Rangel to "Temporarily" Step Down from House Chairmanship

Rangel Might Reconsider Running For Reelection

Desiree Rogers has decided to step down.
White House Social Secretary Steps Down
Perhaps if she realized what the duties of her position were and made every effort to fulfill them instead of seeking the spotlight in selling the Obama brand, some fame whores would have never got in and endangered the life of the president. Perhaps she would not be in fear of the White House putting a hit on her career.

As I have stated before, a major part of politics is the game of ass. And these individuals failed to understand or abide by the rules. They felt that their position alone was able to protect them from even their own hubris.

On a lighter note, Naomi Campbell was able to avoid another trip to the clink.

Don't feel bad about Peter Parker. In fact be proud that the House of Ideas has brought him back to his roots.


Monday, March 01, 2010

More of the same.

Another Anakin.

The NYT did an extensive article on Adam Craig Hochfelder

Hochfelder’s Fast Rise and Fall in Real Estate

Never heard of the guy, but I am not surprised. Even with his considerable pedigree.

With every boom there comes a series of Emperors who rule the roost and with every bust people see that the Emperor has no clothes.

But do not shed tears for the bare assed emperor. You see, even though this guy is probably going to be living with 3 hots and a cot, once he is released from club fed, there are going to be a some offers for him lined up. Even now people want to do business with him.

His reputation is mud but mud can be washed off. And money is an excellent cleaner which this guy has proven to be able to generate.

In other words this guy is just another Anakin.

I like this ending better.