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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Blogger Down: Saving Kelly Kreth 2

Kelly Kreth is in the current issue of the New York Post. The Grunt is proud that he has assisted Kelly in publicizing her story and with exposure from the Post, I am positive her story will go national. Stay strong Kelly! We got your back!



September 28, 2005 -- Dear diary, you just got me fired.
A marketing and public relations guru says she was shown the door at her high-powered real estate job after an ambitious assistant tattled to executives about her online diary.

Kelly Kreth says the Web gripes were anonymous, and that she never identified any of her colleagues by name or the company, Dwelling Quest, in her rants.

"It's been a nightmare," she said with a quivering voice. "They've promoted her to my position, and now they're threatening to sue me."

The 35-year-old businesswoman says her assistant discovered her Web site at, where she's been a contributor for five years.

She says she was booted from the company when they read her rant blasting one of her superiors.

"I never mentioned the company or anyone I worked with by name," she asserted. "But [my assistant] found an entry dated Jan. 11 where I talk about how I feel [a superior] is shrill and loud and classless."

That, says Kreth, led the superior to accuse her of making a threatening phone call to her around the same time.

"Besides getting fired, I had to go in for police questioning," she said.

"I really feel I was fired unethically," she said. "I would never do anything that would hurt my company. I was their publicist."

Kreth claims that the company never had a problem with her performance during her two-year tenure. "I had recently had a work review," she said. "It was excellent."

In August, Kreth said she was offered a job by a rival firm, but that Dwelling Quest CEO Daren Hornig lured her back with a bigger salary a few days later.

Kreth says her assistant was livid about her return and made moves to push her out.

"He [Hornig] knew the situation. He knew I was having trouble with this assistant. He said, if she doesn't work out within a month he'd [find a new assistant]."

"Against my recommendation, they hired her. She was just hating me for taking my job back."

Hornig remembers things differently.

"There were greater issues than a simple online diary," he said. "There were death threats made and harassment threats made inside the office from numerous witnesses."

When asked specifically about the death threat, Hornig would not specifically link it to Kreth. He would only say there was a police investigation.

"We tried to end this in an amicable manner by offering her a severance package and all the necessary things to get another job in the industry," Hornig said.

"And she chose not to accept that because she thought this publicity could better suit her."