Property Grunt

Sunday, November 20, 2005


Explosive open house traffic was like the Great Pumpkin. It never came. I had two parties come in with brokers. No direct buyers. I felt like Linus in need of his secruity blanket.

There has also been some other developments that the Grunt will address on a later date but all I have to say is that this market is freaking sellers out.

Buyers. That apartment you want awaits you. A good tactic is to figure out what is the motivation of sellers. If they have set up a domino deal where they need to take money out of their property to apply to another purchase. If they already committed to another property then the seller will most likely be strapped for cash. What that means for the buyer is LEVEARAGE!

Yes. I am not a happy camper but there is nothing wrong if somone benefits from this popping market. So buyers if there is something you like, start grilling the selling broker and see where the seller is going.

Then you figure what you are willing to pay for the property. And then put in your offer.