Property Grunt

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Comeback called off

I am trying to maintain a positive attitude but this market is making my job as fun as a being the new head of FEMA. ZING!

Traffic was like a thin bowl of soup on a cold day. Greatly appreciated but very, very unsatisfying. Perhaps it was the marathon that took away the traffic. At one open house the majority of visitors were people who lived in the building. Most brokers love that because it is an opportunity for them to press the flesh and make an impression on new customers. It seemed like one resident brought in their own extended family. From that crowd I knew it was a mixed bag. They were either interested in upgrading or they were just exercising their right to be nosy.

I talked shop with a bunch of other brokers. One of them made a comment that if the market maintained this course then bonuses were highly unlikely. As far as I am concerned if this market continues its descent I think bonuses will the least of our worries.