Property Grunt

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Casey at the bat

I just sold my blog and all I had to do was ruin my life.

I was going to do an entry on this unfortunate soul when he mentioned that he was offered money for his blog when I read his latest entry.

A little background on Casey. He is the numbnut who mortgaged not only his future but his wife's future as well when he went on a real estate flipping spree after blowing a wad of cash on real estate guru education bulls**t.

When he first started his site he was labeled as the poster boy of what was wrong with the real estate market. For quite awhile he was also the resident punching bag as millions lefts comments ragging on him on his own stupidity and suggesting on what type of soap to bend over for when he got sent to jail for mortgage fraud. He was also featured on Nightline and other news shows that displayed his complete lack of common sense and overall ignorance.

But here he is with the last laugh now that he has sold of his blog for a pretty penny. There were talks of a book deal, but apparently Casey's wife beat some sense into him and he has decided not to pursue the book deal out of maintaining whatever privacy he has left. My prediction is that his wife will change her mind once someone waves that enormous check in front of her face.

It just goes to show that shame is the new fame.

I don't have any disdain for this guy. Okay. Maybe a little bit. In all honesty, I have become more motivated since reading about his good fortune. Mind you, I am not going to do anything stupid like buy ten different properties all over America, but I have had a project associated with this blog that I had to put on the back burner and was planning to set it up for take off. But planning is over. I am going to do it. More details later.