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Friday, July 17, 2009

Law of unintended consequences

Yes. It is that crazy.

As I stated before there will be consequences for the rich going on the run.

Remember this quote.

Recessions, like bullies, always pick on the weak,

That's us folks.

Recently there were two incidents where street performers were arrested.

Video: Superman Arrested! Times Square Cops Cuff Man Of Steel With Zeal

Albeit, these guys apparently were acting like tools and they were busking for money which led to this.

Their comic-book adventure went awry when cops approached the dynamic duo on 43rd Street to see whether they had the required license to perform in costume in public, Frisoli said.

NSFW for language

Performance Artist Arrested In Central Park

The common element between these two is the lack of a permit. In order to get this permit you need to apply for one and pay a fee for it. You are caught without one, you have to pay a fine. See where I am going with this? Because of the lack of cash, the authorities are squeezing every dime by hauling people in for every technicality in the book.

If they are going after street performers then it means they are going after anyone that needs a permit to use the city streets. It is possible film students or anyone with a camcorder can be fined for filming in the city without a permit even if it is only for recreational use. Whether selling food or jewelry, street vendors who aren't licensed are going to be playing a game of cat and mouse with the authorities.It sounds improbable right? But already we are seeing street performers being hauled off.

And that this just the beginning as corporations across jump into the gouging.
Americans Pay Through The Nose

Which brings me to the Law of unintended consequences. These efforts to get money from the city might be causing more harm than good. According to reports Thoth was praying when he was hauled off. That is a possible violation of his religious freedom which could mean major lawsuits for the city. Even if it ends being settled out of court it is still going to cost the city money.

This is just an example of things to come because the law of unintended consequences is going to impact everyone.

Already those with means are already freaking out. Even if they have money they don't feel the vibes of being a master of the universe.

Right now millionaires are dropping like flies across the United States.

How Many Millionaires Did Your City Lose?

Like the World Wealth Report, Capgemini defines millionaires in this case as those with investible assets of $1 million or more, not including the value of primary residence. If we included primary real estate, the drops would likely be even steeper. Still, the data don’t make a distinction between pure wealth loss and rich emigration.

I bet they also did not make a distinction of millionaires who do not want to be even identified as millionaires.

Rich emigration
. Two words that should never come together in a capitalist society.

But we are going to hear more of it because this is becoming more of an unhealthy environment for the rich. Even Gawker is joining up with FNC by putting on the rich on notice. And they hate this guy.

Why America Now Supports Taxing the Rich

Polls tied to health-care reform show widespread support for taxing the wealthy to pay for wider coverage. A poll taken last month, and cited by the Wall Street Journal, showed 55% of respondents supported limiting tax deductions for the wealthy on charitable giving. (This is, in effect, a tax hike for the wealthy who give to charity).

House Democrats are coalescing around a plan to impose an income-tax surcharge on the wealthy who earn more than $200,000 or couples making $250,000 or more.

The tax hikes were widely expected. What’s not as easily explained to me is why (and whether) Americans have changed their minds about taxing the wealthy.

This has gone beyond emotional hijacking to mob mentality.

I want to get something quite clear. I am not picking sides. I am not for the rich or against Obama. I am just telling it how it is.

In the past I wrote about what Obama is up against and how he should proceed with his agenda He is acting exactly the way I predicted.

Obama is simply taking the offensive by not acting like a one term president but acting as if this is his last year in office. This is the time for him do it since he has the leverage and the political capital. An opportunity like this will never pop up again for him.

But his timing could not be worse. Demand has dropped in for US Treasuries and this health care plan of Obama's is even starting to freak out the nation's accountant.

Democrats’ Health Plans Raise Debt Concerns

WASHINGTON — The director of the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office said Thursday that the health care legislation proposed so far would not curb the federal government’s runaway spending on medical care, and that lawmakers would need to take more forceful action to meet President Obama’s goal of controlling costs.

It gets better.

Director’s Blog: The Long-Term Budget Outlook

The demographic that Obama is focusing on to foot the bill have been talking to their people to prepare for this situation. And if they have not prepared for this, well they are putting together a stratagem to protect their money.

If they can't get their money for the rich to fund these programs, who do you think they will turn to next?

They will run.