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Saturday, November 08, 2008

Of things to come.

The New Shaolin Temple.

The destruction of Shaolin Temple is a plot line that has been used in many Hong Kong Kung fu movies. Just as there are many movies there are many reasons why Shaolin temple was destroyed. One reason that has often popped up in my readings is that the Emperor at that time was facing a very strong and violent opposition force and he called upon the monks to help him out. In the past the monks had assisted previous emperors and were more than happy to help him out of his jam.

After the Shaolin monks laid the smackdown, the Emperor realized that the monks were quite a formidable force, perhaps too formidable especially if the monks got any ideas about running things outside of the temple. So he did what any Emperor would do during that time, he ordered the temple to be destroyed and all of the monks killed.

"Nothing is softer or more flexible than water, yet nothing can resist it.”
Lao Tzu

If a martial artist makes every effort to follow and utilize the concept of being like water, they will be on the path of enlightenment and will possess a fighting technique that will be absolutely devastating.

The concept of being like water is prominent in a variety styles that focus on grappling including Hapkido, Judo, Jujitsu. These arts focus on the concept of water’s yielding power.

If someone pushes you, you pull him or her, instead of pushing back, taking them off balance and allowing them to fall on their face. The real masters of these arts are so adept that they can actually defeat their attackers without even touching them.

Chuck “The Iceman” Liddel has utilized the concept of yielding resulting in his success in the UFC. What Chuck often does is that he allows his opponent to be the aggressor and gives them as much ground as they want. Eventually his opponent gets antsy and over commits in their attack. As soon as that occurs, Chuck moves in and counters with his famous haymaker.

In Chinese strategy it is often referred to as “Using retreat to attack.” In my opinion George Washington’s famous crossing of the Potomac is an example of using retreat as a form of attack.

I remember as a child reading that in the early days of the Revolution the British soldiers referred to him as the Fox because he kept retreating from battle. According to history that all changed when in the dead of night when Washington and his soldiers crossed the freezing Potomac to pay a visit to the British. Washington was assured victory as soon as he broke that pattern of being passive, when the British least expected it.

One of my favorite Kung Fu Movies is the Prodigal son starring the great Sammo Hung, the vastly underrated Yuen Biao and Mr. Vampire himself Lam Ching Ying

Watch the clip from starting from 7:43 and below is the quote I am referring to.

“Attack your enemy hard, try to wound him then concentrate your attack on his wounds. He maybe strong but he can’t stand the pain.”

I feel this is one of the best martial arts films ever made, not only for the fighting, acting and plot but also the fighting theory it presents.

In the Marvel Universe there is an omnipotent race known as the Watchers. Despite their power all they do is observe the events that occur around them. Initially they were an open race of beings that pursued the ideal of helping less advanced races. One particularly race they assisted were the Prosilicans of the planet Prosilicus.

The Watchers introduced atomic energy to the Prosilicans which they used to blow themselves up. After that the Watchers got of “help less advanced races” business.

I am sure you are all wondering if there is a point to what I have written or did I just copy and paste some random blog entries. And I assure you my readers, what I have written applies to the changes in the our government.

Obama and his fellow democrats have now become a force to be reckoned with. Not only has the first African American president been elected, he now has a full army of democrats by his side. Now this is no filibuster but the democrats are in a position to pretty much do what they want. They are no different than the Shaolin monks and the White House is the new Shaolin temple. And everyone knows that. That type of power can inspire hope. It can also inspire fear.

One of the key principles of our government is checks and balances. Right now nothing is in check and things are obviously not in in balance without a strong Republican presence.

The Republicans are going to retreat, regroup, and bide their time. They are going to yield ground that was once there’s and watch from the sidelines. They will be like water as the Democrats advance and attack. They will be allowed themselves to be pushed to the point that the Democrats become too comfortable with themselves. At one point the Democrats will throw a clumsy jab and the next thing they will laid out by a Chuck Liddel counter punch delivered by the Republicans.

Aint it coolnews
recently did an interview with Stefan Forbes who made a documentary on the King of dirty politics Lee Atwater titled the BOOGIE MAN

Forbes stated the following.

And if Obama happens to win this fall, he has four years of constant warfare to look forward to. These guys, even if they lose, they will continue to destroy the opponent by any means necessary, and Obama will be battling these guys from the White House. Investigations over nothing for four years. They play for keeps, and until they're able to understand this playbook, things are not going to change in American political. That's my dark method.

Which brings me to the Prodigal Son quote regarding using wounds as weapons.

Obama, for all intents and purposes, is squeaky clean. Despite a connection to Ayers and admitting to have used cocaine, nothing has appeared to stick. Regardless they will attack him anyway and if they can’t find any weaknesses, then they will wound him any way they can and repeatedly use whatever draws blood they

If you are under impression that I doubt the wherewithal of our President elect, you are quite incorrect. All I am doing is laying out what is to come.

I am actually quite excited and intrigued by this new administration. Just from choosing Rahm Emanuel as his Chief of staff demonstrates Obama’s intelligence and tactical fortitude.

Selecting Rahm sends a very strong message to the rank and file according to Gawker he is not someone to be trifled with.

Emanuel is known in political circles to be an ass kicking Jew and has no fear. According to CNN, on one occasion he f**ked with the President George W. Bush on his exercise regiment which the current POTUS takes some much pride in.

Testosterone oozes into the humid air space between the two men. Bush invites Emanuel down to Texas to do some real biking. "So I said, 'I'll make you a deal, Mr. President. I'll bike if you swim.' Now he didn't exactly say swimming was a wussy sport, but you could tell.... So I said, 'Mr. President, Laura can put your water wings next to the lake. You can have your water wings.' "

At that point you might think this graduate of the Evanston School of Ballet would leave well enough alone. But Emanuel is hard-wired to go for the jugular: Politics Chicago-style are part of his DNA. So he sharpens his drill bit on the leader of the free world. "I said to him, 'You're not one of those tribathletes, are you, Mr. President? You know - steam, sauna, shower?'

As White House Chief of Staff he will be the enforcer and he is well suited for this role since he is the type of guy you are glad watching your back but he is also the type of guy you are do not want see behind your back.

The is clearly demonstrates that Obama has a very strong pimp hand and he is going to need it in order to deal with the hostile parties that are going unleash a barrage of low blows, political ambushes and a new set of dirty tricks designed to hurt his career. And let’s not forget what the Republicans have in store for him.

Amongst his own party there are will be others who feel they can do as the please as they did when Clinton was in the White House. And every now and then Obama is going to have to unleash the hounds to make sure everyone is in lock step.

Which brings me to the Watchers. Right now there is an overwhelming sense of euphoria that has enveloped the country and the world. A new day has dawned and we are about to embark on an exciting new journey. In the democratic camp, there is a mindset to fix what is wrong. Which is good because that attitude is what will keep this country going. However this type of enthusiasm can mutate into irrational exuberance and we know how that movie ended. If the Democrats are going to play the Watcher game then they have to make sure we do not end up like the Prosilicans.

When Obama presented his first speech since the election, NBC news did an analysis of his speech like many news outlets they mentioned that Obama made it clear that he was the President elect and there was only one president at this time which is George w. Bush. And even though Obama was working a on a new stimulus plan, he was not in the position to implement it until January, however he hoped that during the lame duck sessions, they would be able to pass one.

Chuck Todd and Brian Willaims pointed out that this was Obama’s way of expressing great concern regarding the current economic crisis but he was not in the position to take the reigns of the situation. He was also making it clear to the American people that this current economic crisis happened under the current Present’s watch not his.

In the meantime, he is undergoing intense preparation for the next 4 years and even after the election has not stopped to pat himself on the back.

If his fellow democrats are smart they will do the same because once Janaury 20th 2009 rolls around, they will have to hit the ground running and they better not dawdle. 4 years are is a short period of time. And the people’s memories and patience is a lot shorter.

Godspeed President Obama.

Because he's the hero Gotham deserves, but not the one it needs right now... and so we'll hunt him, because he can take it. Because he's not a hero. He's a silent guardian, a watchful protector... a dark knight.

The Dark Knight-Lt. James Gordon