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Thursday, February 24, 2005

Silver Bullet to Craigslist Dillema?

According to merc1985

NYS RE laws already require disclosure. You must put company name and person's name in any advertising of property.

I believe what merc1985 is referring to is this which is the Association of Real Estate License Law Officials (ARELLO) ASSOCIATION OF REAL ESTATE LICENSE LAW OFFICIALS (ARELLO) ELECTRONIC MARKETING - INTERNET POLICY

"Licensee Disclosure" means advertising or messaging that contains the following information:

the licensee name,
the name of the firm with which the licensee is affiliated as that firm's name is registered with the regulatory agency of the jurisdiction(s) that licensed it to do business (abbreviations not permitted)
the city and state/province in which the licensee's office is located, and
the states/provinces in which the licensee holds a real estate license.

However I am confused whether these are laws or just suggestions due to this:

These ARELLO Best Practices Internet Guidelines are intended only for educational purposes for member jurisdictions and licensees. Licensees advertising on the Internet should seek competent legal advice as to whether their web sites comply with local, state and national regulations.

However if these are laws rather than just suggestions then craigslist just has to enforce these regulations therefore eliminating any need for a pay system since agents will be made liable for their advertising.