Property Grunt

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Grunt's salute: Watch your feet. I'm dropping names.

The Grunt would like to take this moment to salute the individuals who have aided Grunt in his efforts in the crazy war called real estate. This is just the beginning in the Grunt showing his appreciation. There is more to come and I plan on setting up a links section very soon.

Joyce Cohen
Joyce writes The Hunt column in the New York Times which chronicles the trials and tribulations of everyday people in their mission in finding a either a rental or a residence for sale. The Grunt contacted Joyce Cohen when the Grunt did an entry titled Rental Hazing which was an analysis of her excellent profile of Sara Antunovich and her boyfriend, Orion Montoya in A Fresh Start Loses Its Freshness. Joyce enjoyed the Grunt's analysis and was generous in her critique and advice for the PropertyGrunt. The Grunt recommends anyone who is moving to Manhattan to read her columns because they are a bastion of information of how to properly navigate in the jungle of real estate. Her columns are part love story, action, drama and plenty of comedy. She is also a delightful writer who has a delicious wit and the ability to empathize with her subjects and portray the essence of buying or renting a home, which is a new beginning because that is in affect what happens when you partake in the real estate journey. Feel free to email her with your real estate stories at

Lockhart Steele
Lockhart Steele is the publisher of Curbed which is the best blog about real estate in New York, (Yes. Even the Grunt is humbled by this blog.) Curbed covers the entire spectrum of real estate from residential, commercials, development, brokers and anything that deals with the New York Real Estate Market. From restaurants to design, Jakob Nielsen would have a usability orgasm discussing the simplicity and genius of the graphic user interface of this blog. Not only does curbed serve as a harvester of real estate related articles, it also has a search engine that covers all topics that have been published in the blog. I think its greatest asset is its feedback loop. Readers are welcome to present information and their views to curbed and if it has any relevance it will be published. It is not uncommon for reader's pictures to be published on Curbed. As many of you may have noticed I have been published on Curbed and I am now part of their roster of real estate links. This occurred when Lockhart placed a call to arms for correspondents and contributors and the Grunt felt it was his duty to answer. I take great pride that I was selected to be part of the Curbed community.

Craig Newmark
The Grunt's connection to Craig was when the Grunt emailed his Craigslist Wars entry to Mr. Newmark. The Grunt was flattered that Craig responded to the Grunt's email with appreciation for the Grunt's work and encouraged the Grunt to partake in any future discussion regarding Craigslist developments in real estate. Craig wasn't even upset about what the Grunt wrote about his experience using craigslist. As far the Grunt knows.

Grunt's exchange with Craig reminds him of an incident that occurred to a consultant he once worked with back when the Grunt had a salary. The consultant was a follower of the Mac and when the G4 came out he was the first in the group to get one. A calamity occurred with the G4's screen when, for some unknown reason, it cracked and created a cool yet distracting rainbow visual. The consultant contacted Mac customer service and was informed that a screen replacement would be necessary and the price was more than buying a G4. The consultant wrestled with customer service pointing out the sheer stupidity of the solution but they would not budge. A fellow consultant suggested he email Steve Jobs, which the consultant did and to his surprise Steve Jobs not only responded but also apologized for the situation and authorized, that a new G4 to replace his damaged one.

I called Craig the Stew Leonard's of the internet. I take that back because a family member pointed out to me that Stew was sent to jail for tax evasion. The Grunt realizes that Craig possess the attribute of a successful entrepreneur and internet icon which is keep his ear to the ground which is what made Steve Jobs so triumphant.

Frances Flynn Thorsen
Mustang Means an officer who has been brought up through the ranks beginning from enlistment. It is a term of pride and honor. The Grunt would places the term on this blogger. Frances has 20 years of experience in the real estate market and her blog reflects it. Her blog covers all aspect of real esate from mortgages to marketing. She was also the first to break a story about Wal Mart entering the real estate field. She's also part of craigslist history. One of the reasons why craigslist has gone through some changes is because of this entry. How do I know this? Because I was the one who sent it. France is very, very sharp and she is aware of trends that occur in real estate particularly national trends. The Grunt never realized how myopic he has been about real estate until he came across her blog and saw how the rest of the world worked. Well, that's Manhattan for you. Frances has an uncanny ability at designing a fantastic blog. She could give a few lessons to some graduate students that the Grunt knows.

As I have stated before I will be doing a series of salute entries to all the people that helped the Grunt so keep an eye out.