Property Grunt

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Know the players and treat everyone like royalty

This was in page 6 of The NY Post.

March 2, 2005 -- SIR Ivan (Wilzig), the aspiring pop star who always wears a flashy cape adorned with the peace sign, vowed revenge after he was turned away from a celeb-stocked party in L.A. The event was hosted by car giant GM, and organizers didn't realize the North Fork Bank, which Wilzig's late father owned, has funded scores of GM dealerships in New York and New Jersey. Ivan told a friend: "Let's just say that's the last time I will be underwriting any GM projects."

There is absolutely no excuse for the oranizers have let this incident occur. All it takes is a good PR person to know who is who and to make arrangements in advance on the guest list. If there was an oversight a PR person should have been on site with a back up list checking on the guests.

The same goes in real estate sales. You never know who you are dealing with so be nice and make the effort to know who is who. Whether it is the board president, doorman or super be nice even when people are not so nice to you. You never ever know. I remember one open house I did where one man entered dressed in flip flops, a ratty t-shirt and shorts. The apartment having the open house at a brownstone duplex one bedroom on a thrid floor walkup and it was listed in ballpark of a half a million.

Did I ignore the guy? Did I tell him he couldn't afford the place. No. I treated him with respect and dignity and gave my full attention. It turned out this man was the board president. My goodwill and graciousness came in handy when the owner of the apartment was being grilled by the co-op board where he was buying his new place. We asked if the board president would write a reference letter which he was more than happy to do.