Property Grunt

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Get a grip

Today a broker almost crushed my hand as he pressed his thumb down really hard into the bone of the hand. I do a lot of handshaking and most of the itme its normal grasp and shake but you get these jerks who do an impersonation of a vise grip. I thought one doorman gave me arthritis when he mashed my knuckles into paste. I had one broker who was quite passive aggressive and expressed it in his handshake and I responded in kind and made a comment about his grip he made a joke about being strong as bull.

What I hate about these masticaters of metacarpals is that you can't really scream at them since a buyer is present and you don't want to make a scene, I wonder if you could defend yourself against somone for squeezing your hand too tightly?

What I hate are brokers who pick their nose with their hands and then put it out for a shake. Use a tissue. I have seen that happen many a time and I usally put on my gloves.

Its snowing like a bastard and I don't want to go out tomorrow. I have three appointments tomorrow, maybe more. Brings back bad memories of my rental days. That's another story.