Property Grunt

Monday, March 28, 2005

Reader mail

The Grunt would like to share an email sent a by a concerned reader on his recent entry on the real estate bubble. The Grunt’s policy regarding email is that all questions and comments are welcome. And the Grunt will ask for your permission before publishing your email and will guarantee your anonymity by withholding your name, email address and editing the content of the email.

Hello Property Grunt,
Just read your commentary on the NYT article re the real estate boom v.
the internet bubble.
I gulped hard when I read your last paragraph: I remember during the
dot com era everyone was running to get Microsoft certification or
anything Cisco related. Now everyone is running out to get a real estate

I'm taking real estate license classes! I'm definitely
planning on finishing the course and taking the exams but now, I feel
jittery about changing careers. I've got a stable job now but I wanted to
switch to real estate sales to make more money. I've been offered a
NAME WITHELD once I get my

Would appreciate on hearing your thoughts about my situation.

What words of wisdom did the Grunt bestow upon this reader?

It will be revealed later today. Stay tuned.