Property Grunt

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Rap mogul evicted

This is pathetic. Page 6 reported that Damon Dash is being evcited from his London Home because he overstayed his welcome past his January lease expiration.

Points of interest:

Dash ignored a court hearing, the judge ordered him to pay $100,000 in back rent, plus $1,200 a day until he vacates the house and $10,000 in legal costs. Landlord Grahame Bond was also given the right to retake possession on March 29.

The landlord had this to say:

"I find it absolutely ridiculous that someone who openly boasts that he is worth a fortune should behave like this."

Dash's response through a spokeswoman was:

He hasn't been there in five months. He left behind some stuff, but nothing he cared about." The landlord should have gone in and thrown his stuff out, she said.

First of all you wanker its not the job of the landlord to take out Damon's stuff out. Doing that wastes the landlord's resources and time. Damon's stuff is his responsibilty. It does not take alot of effort for Dash to hire a bunch of movers and to leave the premises by the agreed date. Also, depending on London rent laws, the landlord may not be legally entitled to enter the premises even after the expiration date of the lease. Legal channels must be utilized to get the authority to take those actions.

Damon is an example of why co-op boards often refuse celebrities or famous people because unfortunately some of them feel they are above the law and cause trouble for other residents.

Is Damon Done? Not really. He will able to rent anywhere he wants because of his vast wealth however word is going spread about how much of a deadbeat he is so if he wants to rent an apartment in London I am sure a landlord will demand a year up front and a couple of months for security. In terms of buying a home, he will most likely buy a condo or a townhouse because no board would ever allow him on their premises due to his past misconduct. Of course this doesn't help his credit report but I am sure that this is the least of his worries.

I would never do business with Dash in any capacity unless I had an ironclad contract that would eviscerate him if he did not fulfill his obligations.

People like Dash can get away with this stuff, but universe works in weird ways and good or bad what you put out can come back with a vengance.