Property Grunt

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Top of the morning and Citi-Habitats developments

The Grunt was watching last night's Nightline this morning titled Not Angela's Ashes which featured Frank McCourt, the author of Angela's Ashes, who went to visit Ireland and was astonished to see that the miserable Irish Catholic Childhood that he once wrote about shows little evidence of existing. Ireland, as he puts it has won the lottery. There is a tremendous amount of development and change.

Google's European and Middle Eastern Heaquarters is based in Ireland and the amount of jobs that are available is staggering to the point that there is not enough Irish to fill them leading to more immigrants entering the country. With all of this success, many of the elders question the direction of the New Ireland. One stated that now it seems that people are more intested in buying the right home and putting their kids in the right school. Sounds like New York. However I think Frank McCourt sums up Ireland's new prosperity from a quote from Shakespeare.

Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown

More Citi-Habitats News

The Grunt has heard on the wire that Citi-Habitats agents have seen the light and the light is called taxi which is the database system that is used for sales by Corcoran. Citi-Habitats agents realize how antiquated the filemaker pro system is since it has less search options and there is no way to save the searches requring all listings to be printed out which the Grunt can only imagine how humongous the bill is on paper alone. Do not fret environmentalists, it is now being recycled. Although both systems are up and running the filemaker pro is barely holding its own and new updates are still being sent by email much to the frustration of Citi-Habitats agents. Hopefully they will be up and running when the weather warms because it doesn't inspire alot of confidence when agents are calling other companies for leads on listings.