Property Grunt

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Sad but True: You have to pay to stay in New York City

Last night the Grunt was doing his laundry when he ran into a neighbor who was throwing out cleaning supplies and informed him by the end of the month they were moving since her husband found a new job in North Carolina by Durham and bought a three bedroom house in a suburban area for $180,000. She commented you couldn't buy a closet for that amount in Manhattan and was happy to have a new home but she realized once you leave its very difficult to come back to New York since the standard of living here is so high and only the super rich can afford it. What she found odd was that even though salaries were high in the New York City area it was not by much comparing to the rest of the country so their money could go further outside the city.

Grunt has lived here all his life and plans on staying however I realize how insane the prices are here and recommends that if you want to stick around in NYC, buy something. If you think its expensive now, it's going to get alot worse if the Olympics come here.