Property Grunt

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Another Blogger down

"A simple rule is to not blog about your job and to not blog during work hours," says Andrew Krucoff, the author of blogs and As a freelancer or publishing powerhouse Conde Nast, Mr. Krucoff, who had been a frequent contributor to media gossip site, has curtailed his blogging on media topics.
"I think people who blog about co-workers should be fired," Mr. Krucoff
says. "Just use your common sense, for goodness sake."

This was a quote from Andrew Krucoff who was also featured along with the Property Grunt in the Crain’s article on blogs.

It appears Andrew Krucoff violated his own prime directive when he was fired for leaking an internal memo last week from Conde Naste that was posted by Gawker. The internal memo in question was the following, which I have edited.

Sent: Thursday, October 20, 2005 1:57 PM
To: Conde Nast Publications-
Subject: Internet Access Unavailable

We are investigating the inability to access the Internet from several of our offices. We’ll keep you updated on the progress to restore it.


If you want the full 411 on this situation go to Gothamist and Gawker for the rundown.

The Grunt takes no pleasure in Mr. Krucoff’s demise. It is unfortunate that such a talented writer was treated in this fashion however he did technically violate company policy by sending an internal memo through the company’s email service. Even though the content of the memo wasn’t something earth shattering like revealing Anna Wintour’s secret virgin sacrifice chamber.

However I feel the Gawker empire owes Mr. Krucoff a job or at least a party for his troubles. They were the ones who put the memo out without Mr. Krucoff knowing.