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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Rental Broker Solution?

I got this off of Inman

Classifieds site offers free rental listings to landlords
LiveDeal aims to connect renters with property owners
Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Inman News

Local online classifieds site today rolled out a free rental listings service for landlords and rental agencies in cities across the United States.

The classifieds company enables landlords to post detailed property descriptions and photos of available apartments, condos, homes and vacation and commercial properties.

Renters can browse listings by city/state or ZIP code and will be shown properties within a 50-mile radius of their search entry. LiveDeal also offers e-mail alert systems to notify renters when new listings have been posted on the site.

"As more and more online classifieds sites migrate towards a pay-per-listing model, welcomes landlords and rental agencies who are looking for a free online classifieds solution to reach local renters," said Rajesh Navar, LiveDeal's CEO.

LiveDeal's classified listings include more than 400,000 items daily, according to the company. Key listings categories such as autos, furniture and real estate have grown in excess of 1,000 percent since August 2004, the company said.

This is obviously another reaction to Craigslist charging for ads to brokers. There is a opportunity and they are going for it. However will this site become a cesspool of bait and switch scams? It really depends how much effort they put in policing the site.