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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Here and now

What I find absolutely fantastic about this weekend’s New York Times Magazine is that it is presenting stories about issues that the real estate blogging community has been writing about for quite awhile. Because it is coming from such an esteemed publication it just gives all of us bloggers more legitimacy for our work.

The Freakenconmics article is a brilliant expose on why agents will be come an endangered species because of the herds of people joining the procession, the unwillingness to embrace the discount model and the emergence of Zillow and Craigslist acting as the middleman.

Battle for the Burbs is something I know about first hand from my own upbringing and from people I know who are seeking houses instead of apartments but are priced out of a market that is just bubblicious as Manhattan and just as stressful. Contrary to popular belief it is not all rain and sunshine in the burbs. There are certain towns that are experiencing decay but you need to take a closer to see beyond its veneer.

I would like to take a moment to address the status of this blog starting with this email I received from a reader.

You blog seems to be languishing. You should strive to be less of an aggregator about RE topics, and instead offer more of the front line in the trenches perspective you had 6 months ago. Just a thought.

Ouch. Languishing?

Another esteemed blogger also express their concern albeit in a kinder and gentler tone.

"you've been quiet lately - I miss your insight."

I have actually been laying low for a several reasons. First of all there have been a ton of new broker bloggers coming onto the scene. So I have been quite discerning with my blog since I do not want present redundant content. However that esteemed blogger made a point when I mentioned this to him.

I don't see you as a broker blogger. You have been providing a broker's perspective on the market in a candid way since you have maintained anonymity.
for what that's worth,

It is worth alot. Thanks amigo.

So here's the deal. By no means am I going to discontinue the residential beat, however I will use the blog as a forum for other areas of real estate including foreclosures, environmental and social issues. I strongly feel these issues need to be explored because they will become more relevant in the near future.

I know I risk alienating and losing readers with this new approach but I can no longer ignore certain matters that have come to my attention. Some of these subjects may seem completely unrelated to real estate but I assure you all the connections will become more apparent.