Property Grunt

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Dear A**hole on the train.

Dear A**hole on train,

This subway is not your living room. The two seater on the train is not your LaZBoy where you can simply recline and do what you want. Learn to close your legs like a normal human being and acting passive aggressively by shoving your arm into me while turning the pages of your paper is really obnoxious. Btw, why do you have a newspaper? You're not fooling anyone since you obviously never got pass the first grade. I was hoping to give up your seat to a candidate for gastric bypass but apparently they don't get up this early but the lady I gave up my seat for looked really unstable so I was hoping for some early morning fireworks. But alas that did not happen. She must have had her prozac.

My only consolation is that in the future you are going to maintain your passive aggressive behavior and it will clash with someone who is bigger or stronger than you and is willing to express their displeasure through physical means.

My only regret is that I won't be there to laugh at you while that individual is stretching out your rectum with their size 12 shoe.