Property Grunt

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Mind your business.

One of the risks of being a blogger is that you are going to have to deal with haters. Now when readers come after me I maintain a policy of gunboat diplomacy. I review what they have written and analyze to see what they have written is meritorious. If it is, then I acknowledge what they have stated and make the effort to rectify the situation.

And if they are blowing smoke then I give them both barrels and flame their asses. I make sure the fires burn bright and hot so that every person who reads this can feel the heat and sting of my words. It serves to vent my frustrations and as a warning for anyone who dares to f**k with me.

But complications arise when I deal with a reader who displays anger against someone or some group that I have written about. This has occurred on several occasions where a reader has sent me a nasty email about why someone I have written in a positive light is really a person or group with less than honorable intentions.

My response is simply not to respond at all. Whether it is meritorious or not, the persons writing to me obviously has a grievance towards the individual that I have written about. You know what? That is really none of my business. If they are that angry at this individual, then they should make the effort to contact legal counsel and get the litigation ball rolling. I have no desire to get involved in these affairs. First of all it is a waste of my time, I will probably not benefit in anyway from getting involved. In fact it may just make things worse for me. Unless I have undeniable, hard proof about someone that shows the contrary of how they are protrayed, I don’t bother getting involved.

When I was in high school, this classmate I knew played a trick on me and stole my parking pass. In my high school in order to park your car in the high school lot you have to have a parking pass which only seniors are allowed to have. When I drove this classmate home one day he decided to steal my pass probably because he was a junior and did not have one. When I figured out what he had done I demanded he return it to me. He stated that he did not have it since a fellow junior stole it from him when he dropped it on the ground and if I wanted it back I would have to talk to her. As you may realize I was pretty pissed and I was going to rip that junior had my pass a new one. Fortunately the voice of reason stepped in the form of my Mother whotold me not to talk to the junior who allegedly had my pass. Instead she said tell the d**kweed who stole my pass in the first place that since he ripped me off he was responsible for getting it back. She added that he probably still has it and he just made up that story to distract me and to get into trouble. So I followed my Mother’s advice and lo behold, the jag off who stole my pass in the first place magically reappeared with it and declared that he had manage to get it back for me.

That was the last time I drove him in my car.

Was he telling the truth? Did the girl have my pass? I don’t know. What I do know is that if I had I just taken his word for it, I might have gotten into a lot of trouble.

I was doing a search when I found another blogger flaming me due to an entry I did on a book I reviewed. The blogger stated that I was made aware that I was promoting a fugitive and that I got played by these people.

I was contacted by several parties through email about the entry I did on this book stating the publishing company had dubious backings. However the evidence backing their accusations was simply a forum and a letter they claimed from a DA from another state that stated the publisher’s criminal background.

Unfortunately, my standards for proof are a little higher than most. A forum and a letter that is supposedly from a District Attorney’s office will not be enough to engage in blog on blog combat. As we all know anything can be forged or spinned, especially on the internet. There a ton of urban legends that were spawned from supposedly “legitmate” sources of information,which were discredited or proved to have never been released by these sources in the first place.

That is one of the reasons why I demand that people exercise due diligence in the real estate process. Never assume anything.

As for this blogger’s claim that I was played, they can go to hell. As for being made aware, the only thing I have been made aware of is this blogger has a serious hate on for this company. Whether it is justifiable or not, I don’t know and as I hVe stated before, I don’t give a f**k.

Some may argue that that I already became involved the moment I did my review of this book. I call bollocks to that. That entry was about the book. Nothing else. I have no beef with any of these people. And I will not manipulated into getting into a blogger fire fight over something that does has nothing to do with me.

For all I know the party with the grievance towards the publishing company maybe a disgruntled employee or a jitled lover. I don’t know. Until I get hard evidence of what is going on this will be the last entry I write about this situation.

Now all of you are wondering why I haven’t displayed the links or even mentioned the book. It is because I do not want this to go any further in my jurisdiction. If you want to figure it out who the players are, be my guest.