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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Suicide is not a solution

The Dead Poets Society is brilliant film starring Robin Williams as a vibrant and unconventional teacher who seeks to enlighten his students through poetry, which include a very young Ethan Hawke.

The movie turns tragic when Neil Perry played by Robert Sean Leonard realizes that he does not want to become a doctor but his father played by Kurtwood Smith, of Robocop fame, refuses even the thought of compromise. Robert Sean Leonard’s response is putting a bullet in his own head.

When I saw this with my mother back in high school, she raised an interesting question regarding Neil’s suicide which was what could have Neil done differently. At first I wasn’t sure what she meant, I mean there is probably a million ways to induce your own death and I never thought of my mother as morbid. But then she clarified stating was there another way for Neil to resolve the dilemma he was in?

We bounced ideas of what Neil could have done. My mother was more practical she thought Neil should have contacted Robin Williams for guidance. I was a bit more creative and suggested that he joined the circus. The point of my mother’s question was to show that Neil did not have to kill himself.

Which brings me to the tragedy of the attempted suicide of Dr. Nicholas Bartha.

From what I gathered from the media this was a very troubled man who felt he was pushed to the brink when his beloved home a symbol of his stature and his accomplishments was to be liquidated and the profits were to be given to his wife due to a divorce judgement.

I shed no tears for this man. His life was crumbling before his eyes but he had a lot more than I did. He could still eat and had the resources to find another roof over his head. He had also had children. There is a multitude of people who have far less than him and you don’t seem them blowing up their houses.

For f**k’s sake, this man is a doctor. A f**king doctor. In certain parts of the world, doctors with an American background are considered to be gods. He could have easily ditched his wife and moved to Tahiti were he could have hooked up with a harem of beauties that would continuously blow him while he was seeing patients. Even a fraction of his salary would have allowed him to live like a king as an expatriate. Hey douche bag. Next time you want to throw your life away make sure you hand over your medical degrees to me. I’ll put it to better use.

What is even worse is that a Jennifer Panicali, a young lady who was on her way in making a huge difference in the world, was maimed and nearly killed because of Dr. Bartha’s negligence. Bad enough you want to kill yourself but then you drag some innocent bystander into your hell. What kind of f**king a**hole are you?

Who am I to pass judgment? I am not judging him. I am just presenting a fact. He was not a poor man and he was not being tortured at Guantanamo Bay. Any demons that were inflicted upon him were purely mental and came from his own personal life. These issues could have been resolved through conventional means not firebombing.

In college I knew two guys in my dorm who killed themselves in a span of three months. These were healthy and popular young men who had their whole lives in front of them, but for some reason or another they opened up a window one morning and tossed themselves out onto the pavement.

If they were out to solve something, I am not sure what the hell it was beasue all they left were more questions for all of us. And it sure as hell didn’t solve anything for their friends and families.

When I see people who have more in this world than most and decide to do something this stupid, it seriously pisses me off because there are others out there who done some more with those opportunities that are wated on others.

The irony of this whole situation is that by blowing up his house he probably gave his ex-wife even more money due to the development possibilities.

Appraiser Jonathan Miller, who valued the property at $4 million in 2002 - during the Barthas' contentious divorce proceedings - agreed that similar-sized townhouses in the area are "worth nearly twice as much today."

And, with a new 8,000-square-foot house built on the site, it could sell for about $15 million, real-estate agent Toni Simon of Halstead Properties told Bloomberg News.

Of course that was never Dr. Bartha's intention.

He also wrote, “When you read this lines your life will change forever. You deserve it. You will be transformed from gold digger to ash and rubbish digger.”

Yeah. You really showed her.