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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Roll Call

The Grunt would like to introduce Roll Call which will be a list of links that are of interest.

According to the Real Estate Stephen Ross will maintain his chairmanship to REBNY. Interesting fact about Stephen Ross, he funded Related Real Estate through the sale of tax credits that he acquired through development.

This came in my email.
An amazing discovery has been announced in the real estate world. It's called blogging and its going to change the real estate world. A pair of real estate geniuses Richard Nacht & Paul Chaney have put a book about this brand new amazing phenomon. They call this book Realty Blogging which explains how to:
- Build your brand
- Find new customers
- Attract major search engines
- Dominate your market niche

This brand new, authoritative book on real estate blogging is perfect for:
- any realtor who is trying to get ahead
- a broker to give to his/her agents
- holiday gifts

With every book purchase, you receive a free blog to help get you started!

Did you hear that people? You get a free f**king blog! Can you f**king believe they will give you free f**king blog? That is so generous of them.

Yep. These guys are the authorities on blogging. How do I know? Because they said so. I mean why bother looking online for free resources on blogging? I mean that is just plain stupid when you could spend 13 bucks on this book.

And if you want to an autograph, well heading over to NARdi Gras and meet Realty Blogging authors Richard Nacht & Paul Chaney at booth #981!

Yes. I'm being brutal but these people should know when it comes to douchebaggery like this it is the way I roll.

Mosaic Properties Opens a branch in Herald Square and becomes BFF with Curbed with their Rental 911 sessions. They will be chugging down redbulls trying to find apartments for renters. Now that is dedication.

From baking cupcakes, throwing in free cars and hiring actors to stage a home, Nightline exposes how fached things reall are for sellers.

The Big Picture puts fist to head on NAR's marketing campaign. The Big Picture also calls in an air strike and practically napalms NAR's advertising claims and points out they are completely false. Realtors presenting half truths? Now I have heard everything.

Big Picture also does some recon on Home Price Indexes and provides evidence of how really screwed we really are.

I know. These are alot of links for The Big Picture, but Barry keeps sending me these links and I feel bad when I don't post them since he is a really nice guy.

Have a good weekend!