Property Grunt

Thursday, December 07, 2006

"What were you doing in Manhattan?"

My first apartment was a one bedroom in Gramercy Park. Whenever I was commuting by subway I would often pass by the Washington Irving High School. On some days the streets would be crowded with kids, but I usually just walked across the street to avoid the crowds.

I never had any problems with those kids until one day coming back from a sh***y interview. It was a rainy day and I was coming up the escalator that was near the Food Emporium entrance on the Southside of Irving Plaza. As I was getting out I saw this crowd of high school kids were taking shelter from the rain. They were quite loud and boisterous and I kept walking until one of them jumped in front of me with a hard look on his face. He couldn’t have been more than 13 years old but he tried to come off as a gangsta. Maybe he was. I could care less. I had just f**ked up the interview and was in no mood to play Hanging Tough with this douchebag.

As I was walking past him, I saw out of my perhirperal vision one of his cohorts suddenly slap me in my shoulder. It wasn’t a hard slap but it was enough to piss me off. I turned to him and he ran off into a crowd of his friends. I was about go further but intuition stopped me and pointed out that if this was to get violent I would be completely f**ked because these a**holes outmanned me 20 to one. So I left while they heckled me.

I have to be honest. I really wanted to physically extract a bicuspid or two from that piece of garbage but in retrospect it wasn’t worth it. And I wrote it off as one of those ananomolies that happen when a lot of bored young people are hanging out in a group.

Now we got this bull**t that happened in the Farmer’s market in Union Square. In all honestly when hearing the reports of violence the last thing I thought of a rumble between two high schools.

I feel a tremendous amount of sadness for the boy who lost his life. It sounded like this kid has promise and was going to make something of himself. As for those other meatheads, I hope Kelly goes out and lays the smackdown on these punks.

It suprising how uneducated today's wannabe punks are about large scale campaigns of hand to hand combat. Any douchebag who has watched West Side Story knows that if you engage in a melee of this level you stage it in an area that will allow a certain amount of isolation. A park, alley, somone’s house party are a perfect place to go toe to toe. You do not have a throwdown in Union Square of all place because is not designed for urban warfare. There are too many innocent bystanders that could get hurt and there is also a ton of traffic, which increases your chances in getting hit by a car. Also massive riots really harm property values.

Just like there certain areas you don't go to because somone could crakc your skull there are certain areas you do not have a fight in because you are asking for trouble.

No. I am not a former member of the Warriors but I make an effort to be aware of my surroundings so I don’t get jumped.

You have a beef with someone, fine, go settle it in a secluded area where I won’t be a witness to whatever violent buffoonery you engage in. Because I could care less that this guy dissed you because of the way he looked at your sneakers.

Those of you who fear a return to the era of when street crime was prevalent to the point that crack heads would snatch babies out of carriages and demand money from parents and every night on the subway was an adventure in not getting mugged, do not fret. This is Bloomberg’s New York.

The man has put too much time and money in developing New York City into a viable asset. And even though he is approaching the finishing line, he will let nothing besmirch his legacy. Also bear in mind there is a ton of businesses who treat Union Square as their own personal gold mine. They are not going to simply stand there and let there gold mine be raided.

If another incident of this magnitude occurs and some innocent bystanders get hurt, Bloomberg will lockdown the city and sweep it clean with Herucles teams. He will not let a bunch of young dumb stupid punk kids run rampant and ruin what he has built. If you think Giuliani was crazy, then see what happens when you f**k with a self made billionaire.