Property Grunt

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Breakout the Red Bull and Blow: Mosaic is throwing an apartment all nighter

I got this from the ever lovin crazies from Rubenstein Public Relations

Desperate Apartment-seekers Pull All-Nighter at

Mosaic Properties’ Emergency 24-Hour Brokerage Session

Desperate apartment-seekers from all five boroughs will line up to meet with Mosaic Properties’ real estate brokers in an effort to find new places to live before the first of the month when the majority of leases expire. Mosaic Properties will stay open for 24 straight hours, and the following business day, to help home-seekers find apartments amidst New York ’s most competitive rental market ever.

Coverage Invited. On-Location Shots Available.

DATE: Tuesday, November 28

LOCATION: Mosaic Properties

100 West 32nd Street, 4th Floor

I think this would be far more interesting if clients actually got to view apartments in the middle of the night. That way clients can see how nosiy and safe these apartments are. Showing apartments at night is also an opportunity to guage the intelligence level of clients.

This actually happened to me when I was showing a rental several years back when I showed an apartment to to client at night.

Client (In a snarky pissed off tone of voice.)

"Where are the sun flooded views?"

Grunt (In a you'd better get married now before your looks go because no man will marry you for your intelligence tone of voice.)

"It's after 6pm."

That was the last time I ever showed an apartment at night.