Property Grunt

Monday, January 15, 2007

The Craigslist Wars: Counter Attack!

It appears that Craig Newmark has struck a critical blow in the Craigslist Wars.

Craig sent an email to alert me of a recent development in the NYC rental market.

Hey, you know that customer service at craigslist has been pursuing bad apartment brokers in NYC for a few years.

After an investigation by the NY City Council, the Department of Consumer Affairs is now getting very aggressive regarding deceptive ads posted online by brokers.

We've been helping 'em out, being careful to protect the rights of the accused.

I figure that is both a "surge" and an "escalation".

Next... working with the NY Department of State, which regulates broker licenses.

Those of you who think that this is just a dog and pony show to make the public feel better, you couldn't be more wrong. If the Department of Consumer Affairs is unable to make a dent in the rental douchebaggery then Craig will roll up to Albany and knock on Spitzer's door. Once Craig lays down the evidence in front of our esteemed Governor, Spitzer will have no choice but to provide the impetus for DOS to start pulling licenses. Remember who are Governor is folks. He has eagerly gone toe to toe with those in the finacial sector and other Even if he pisses off the wrong people, he has to entact quick and harsh measures because anything less would create the impression that he is a paper tiger.

Of course DOS probably has their hands full dealing with redlining and steering however dealing with bait and switch artists is simply a matter of strangling the rooster to scare the monkeys.

If DOS is just as aggressive with dealing with bait and switch artists as they are taking down agents who engage in redlining and steering then don't be suprised to see news reports in the next couple of months of DOS suspending or revoking licenses. Rental season is going to so much fun.