Property Grunt

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Grunt Punch

Remember this scene from Pulp Fiction?

Warning this clip is NSFW! There is cursing and blood.

The second time I saw this in the theater I laughed my f**king ass off until the next scene with Quentin Tarantino's dialog about self storage for African-American corpses. It was funny the first time I saw it, but for some unknown reason I found it, drop a load in your pants, hilarious the second time around.

Those of you who are Dr. Who fans will remember the episode "Girl in the Fireplace" which entails the good Doctor dealing with psycho androids, time traveling windows and a doomed love affair. Not only did this episode cement my confidence in David Tennant, but when I saw this episode, my heart was on the edge of breaking. I felt that this was one of the greatest love stories I had ever seen and could kick the Notebook's ass any day of the week.

I bring these anecdotes to simply display my personality, which is that I am kind of, well, some would say weird but I would like to think of myself as eccentric. As some of you may notice I have a demented sense of humor that frequently pops up in my entries. I also display a strong sense of passion for issues that are off the beaten path. Sometimes it rubs people the wrong way and I get into scuffles in my blog.

Now I am usually able to handle myself, however, I noticed in recent entries I was off my game, particularly with the comments to this entry.

I am not trying to excuse my behavior but that week I was quite sick and was stressed out. Therefore had no desire to engage in a full contact fight of words. Which was why my response was short and blunt.

Those who comment, even the negative ones, deserve better then just being called a douchebag. The fact they made the effort to respond to my word shows that I must respond not in kind but with thrice the will I can give out to them. And I will take this moment to make up for this mishap.

You are truly the epitome of chicken little. "The sky is falling, the sky is falling..." Dude, get over it. Every sign that things are not perfect is not a sign that the big crash is coming.

Of course not. But when you find blood in the toilet, your bedroom flooded with flies and whispers from the dark saying to get out, these might be signs that your house might be haunted. The same goes for the markets whether they are housing or stock. If you see a series of warning signs then you should be on your toes.

If you read my read entry properly which obviously you did not because of your lackluster response, I didn’t simply just make this up or in your words bullsh*t”. What I did was what any respectable journalist would do, which was to get the story. When the Dow dropped to its knees faster than J Edgar Hoover at a Scissors Sisters concert, I immediately went out and nailed down as many sources as possible. The sources I have cited are onesI find quite credible because of their background and I have full confidence in what they present to the public.

Real estate does not move the market all by itself. everyone on the street has known about the subprime problems for weeks...that was NOT the main cause of yesterdays selloff.

You are completely wrong about everyone knowing about sub prime weeks ago. They knew about sub prime loans years ago. What some of us did not realize was how bad it was going to be and when the s**t was going to the fan. Just look in the New York Times archives for the last 4 years and they will spit out articles detailing. Here’s a sample.

Stop crying wolf, because all you do is lose credability. It's a market(housing or stock)...they go up and down. Thats how it works. Do you sell houses like this? You tried this bullshit on me as a client, you would end up short one potential client.

Crying wolf, you f**ktard, is the act of creating false alarms for one’s own entertainment. Nothing in that entry was false. In fact I was beyond honest. What you mistake as amusement is my f**ked up sense of humor. If you read my blog you would know that by know that I can be pretty demented. You are correct in stating that real estate goes up and down, the question I seek to answer is how low are we going to go and what will be the repercussions of this drop? As for my credibility, (that’s how you spell it) I am a blogger. Our kind doesn’t give a s**t about what people think of us.

As we are learning now, real estate is creating movement in the stock market and not in a good way. And once again, this is more evidence that you did not even bother reading my entry because if you did you would have seen that I provided other reasons besides real estate why the market is getting entering rough waters.

Please, get over yourself and your end of the world worries keeping you up all night...come up with something a little more realistic..

You are correct sir/madam/hermaphrodite I am quite concerned about this situation. From what I have been reading and learning, I am very wary of what the future holds for all of us. I remember my first recession, which happened during the early 90’s. It was a very sobering experience. If this isn’t realistic for you then you have been watching way too many episodes of Top Model.

Now below was the response I received after I called this reader a douchebag.

it was bad enough you tore into the stock market falling news like a kid on christmas morning, as if this correction somehow proved all your nay saying right. but actually-nothing has happened to the NYC market. not yet...of course the bottom could fall out-and if/when that happens feel free THEN to say "i told you so". but the stock market going down doesnt actually prove you right at all.

all that was bad enough...

but to call a poster on your own blog a douchebag?

im taking you off my favorites list.

that's just sad.

(and i wasnt the original poster--im actually a regular reader who has always enjoyed your blog)

First all of you even think that what happened to the stock market was Christmas to me, then you must have spent some scary ass holidays with your family. I disagree that this correction (your word not mine) proved me right in anyway. What occurred that day at the stock market indicates that we have to be on our guard and to ignore the implications would be pretty stupid and financially suicidal.

You need to understand. It’s not about I told you so. Some serious s**t is about to go down. I mean really epic, Ten Commandments f**ked in the head type of insanity. Now it appears we pretty much have a fair grasp of the causes but we are not sure when and where it will occur. In that entry all I was doing was promoting awareness. We need to be on our toes because if a top notch Bear Stearns analyst can get caught with his pants down, then who is to say it won’t happen to us?

As for the NYC market, I am still on the fence. Will the demand to live in New York City be enough to cushion the market? Or will the dead cat bounce theory come true?

I am sad too that you have taken me off your list. But you are always welcome to come back.

Then the original angry commentor decided take another swing at me..

I AM the original poster. So what you have links to back up your garbage ass theories. Everyone can find stories written by bears to support there reasons why the markets will go down.

I can say the same thing about that anyone who views the market being overrun by the bulls and find reasons that the markets will go up. And I do read these “garbage ass theories” (your term not mine) of people who think that the markets are on their way up.

The fact is, incomes are up, rates are historically low, credit is have NO idea about what you are talking about.

What I find interesting about your statement is that you have provided no evidence of backing this up. Now, I can easily neutralize what you have presented, but instead I will give you the chance to provide proper evidence backing up your claims.

I'm waiting.

You make bloggers look just another guy sitting around in his underwear trying to pass his stupid biased opinions off as journalism...what a joke.

Uhh, bloggers always look bad, even when they are doing good so whatever I write won’t affect that perception either way. A journalist gets paid. I don’t collect a dime from my blog. As for my underwear, please keep your perverted fantasies to yourself.

You probably believe your own garbage, and have been renting for the last 5 yrs. Good luck with that.

I am not sure how those two statements are related but if being cautious is believing in garbage, then I guess I would be home at Fresh Kills. And yes, I still rent because I have an amazing deal and thank you for your wishing me luck.

As for me being a douchebag, give me a time and a place and we can meet to see what kind of douchebag i am.

So you do admit you are a douchebag! Please don’t take this personally, but since you are a douchebag you probably will, I make a habit of avoiding douchebags. However I would make an exception to meet with you. How about we meet next Monday at noon? There is a building at Park Row right across City Hall that would be ideal. Since I don’t know what you look like, I suggest you wear something that will make you stick out of the crowd. I suggest a black ski mask and a shirt that says “Die pig die”. In fact as soon you walk into the lobby you should announce your arrival by screaming “Jihad, jihad, holy war!”