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Friday, March 16, 2007

Roll Call: The "what the f**k is up with this weather ?"edition

Greetings folks, I hope all of you are well and keeping warm. Let's get started.

Jonathan Miller give the complete rundown of media coverage of the housing market ranging from the economy and the sub-prime black hole.

Curbed has announced that they are seeking interns. Listen up you fresh faced college kids. If you want a a great start to your resume and be able to land those ultra competitive media gigs, then join the Curbed Army. Not only will you learn to kick ass and take names, Lockhart Steele has a ton of brand name recognition. Obey me and go.

Barry of the Big Picture gives tips on undouching a douchebag broker. Barry, still waiting your response.

On the far side of the pond Property Day has been bought out.

14th March 2007, London/Amsterdam - PropertyEuro BV, the research and
publishing firm that publishes the magazines PropertyNL and PropertyEU,
today announced the acquisition of the assets of the London-based Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

Founded in 2003, PropertyDay is a meta news site that offers property
professionals up to 750 daily news articles from 109 sources across 32
countries. The news is aggregated by proprietary systems which are
developed in-house. Information is distributed through the website and
through daily news updates.

"PropertyEU provides information for cross-border development,
and investing in the English language. With we extend
PropertyEU´s growing arrays of products with free daily updates from
practically every country in the world, a fantastic new service for
our readers, " said Wabe van Enk, Founder/CEO of PropertyEuro.

"PropertyDay is a concept with strong growth potential in the field of
online communication and advertising." said Henk Fieggen, Publisher of
PropertyNL and PropertyEU. "This acquisition extends our reach beyond
Europe and instantly establishes us as a player in the global property
news market in which the company has not previously competed."

"This acquisition marks the
beginning of an exciting new era of growth for PropertyDay," added
Thissen, Founder of PropertyDay. "We look forward to extending our
services to readers and advertisers as part of PropertyEU and to
build out our technology platform. Readers should expect some major
improvements during the course of 2007"

Amsterdam-based PropertyEuro has established PropertyNL as the
authoritative source of commercial real estate information In the
Netherlands. Based on PropertyNL´s winning formula the company also
publishes PropertyEU, a multi-format cross-media information package
European real estate professionals. More information can be found at

Congratulations! I hope it is enough money to keep you in fish and chips.

Kyle from Hall PR has alerted me of Andre Kikoski's latest architectural creation. Who is Ander Kikosk's? I don't know but it seems he designs really expensive restaurants and has an obsession with the asterisk.

No. No that asterisk.


New York, New York

Commissioned by the well known pastry chef, Pichet Ong, this 680 SF dessert bar / restaurant is part of a newly emerging restaurant genre. Bringing the accomplished cooking that earned him fame with Jean-Georges Vongerichten to an intimate 34-seat venue (14 at the bar, 20 at the banquette), Pichet Ong's goal is to create a physical environment that reflects the playfulness of his inventive sensibility and references the visually appealing and whimsical nature of his food.

Our design solution, which is inspired by Pichet's creations, also makes subtle allusions to his childhood in Thailand , Hong Kong and Singapore . For instance, the geometry of his tilted panna cotta with shaved pears inspires a dramatic canopy that defines and accentuates a "stage" where Pichet will cook for his guests nightly. His fondness for subtle Asian references is evidenced in the palette of pale woods, green tea and shimmering gold and colored mirrored surfaces.

The patron's experience is one of luxury and intimacy. Seated on soft leather banquettes, eating award winning food off of fine china, patrons are never more than arms reach away from the celebrated chef who is preparing each and every dish right before their eyes.


The Dessert Bar, Open Kitchen & Bar

Clad in a softly illuminated textured skin of sesame spiced wood, architectural bronze, and topped with an ash wood dining surface, the Dessert Bar is a central design element at P*ONG. The spectacle of Pichet preparing food is complimented by the metallic gold resin counter on which he places finished dishes before they are served. Overhead, a dramatic tilted plane is punctuated by a random patterning of green tea and raspberry mirrored discs that have been etched with acid. These glowing dots are complimented by strategically placed down lights.

The wall behind the open kitchen and adjacent bar is clad in a carefully-composed

asymmetric pattern of clear and acid-etched horizontal mirrors that intermittently reflect the materials, colors, and textures of the space itself. Resin shelves, also in green tea and raspberry, will showcase exotic drink infusions created by Pichet.

The Undulating Banquette

Opposite the Dessert Bar is a large wall clad in Calico Ash wood veneer. As the wall bows and flexes to create a dynamic form within this space, it is animated by a asymmetrically composed series of recesses. Suede-lined, internally-illuminated horizontal recesses, in green tea and raspberry colors showcase antique teak and ivory mah jongg game pieces. Shimmering squares of gold bronze mesh, dance across the wall. Guests sit at a custom ultra suede and leather banquette that follows the flex of the wall, and dine on ash wood tabletops. Above, ultra suede clad acoustic panels will soothe the feel of the space. Throughout, simple track lights, concealed in the flanges of the steel beams overhead, will cast a soft glow on the space, and dramatic accents on the tabletop.


The visual themes and color palette of this intimate dining room are carried into the bathroom as well. Pale green glass mosaic tiles shimmer across the walls and are complimented by a wall of the Calico Ash wood and a playful gumdrop shape light fixture.


Sesame spice wood, by Oberflex imported from France

Metallic gold aggregate resin countertop by ALKEMI, Renewed Materials LLC

Calico Ash Wood wall by MDC

Suede Fabric by Wolf-Gordon Inc.

Antique mah jongg pieces supplied by Pichet Ong

Mandarin Bronze Mesh (Gold Fabric) by GKD Metal Fabrics

MR16 Lighting at Dessert Bar by RSA Lighting;track lighting by Jesco

Acid-etched mirrored Glass discs and wall mirrors by Carvart Glass

Waterglass mosaic tiles by SICIS

Castore Suspension pendant by Artemide

Norman Foster washbasin by Duravit

128 year old oak floor

Paint by Pratt & Lambert

Andre Kikoski Architect creates imaginative architecture with an uncompromising level of service. Their mission is to pursue a functional elegance in every project regardless of scale. Each project benefits from a concise idea that is conceptually clear and faithfully executed on time and within budget. They understand the importance of working within the context and character of each project but also aim to be innovative and to create lasting value.

The firm was recently named as one of "Ten Young Firms to Keep an Eye On" by the AIA New York Chapter magazine, Oculus, and one of "The New Garde of Ten Designers To Watch," by New York Magazine. The firm has received a Nomination in the James Beard Foundation Awards for Outstanding Restaurant Design, as well as a Lumen Award for Lighting Excellence and the Edwin Guth Memorial Award from the International Association of Lighting Designers.

Japan still denies the existence of the Comfort Women, which were women who were forced into sexual slavery during World War II so that horny Japanese soldiers wouldn't rape their own women.

This is an important issue because there is a slight chance that China might be more flexible with those U.S Securities in exchange for declaring Eminent domain over Japan in order to turn it into a museum to commemorate the Rape of Nanking since the Japanese government are having such a difficult time remembering their own actions during World War II.

Think this is far fetched? America needs China more than Japan and at one point they are going to be forced to choose sides. I am not putting the odds on the Tojos because this will be one soccer game they most likely not work in their favor.

Besides, among other things, Japan still hasn't accepted responsibility of using American soldiers as slave labor in World War II. Perhaps a museum can be set up in Japan for them too for the atrocities that committed against them as POWs.

Keep warm and stay safe!