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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Don't f**k with Craigslist and Speed dating for renters

Craig Newmark just alerted of a new development in his battle with rental agents abusing Craigslist.

Several New York rental brokerage companies are under investigation by the city for deceptive online advertising practices. The brokerage companies confirmed their Internet advertising records were subpoenaed recently by the city agency responsible for consumer protection. Although the Department of Consumer Affairs confirmed the subpoenas, it would not reveal the number or identity of the companies.

I am curious to see which brokerage firms have been subpoenaed. I have my suspicions but I will keep them to myself. I have been covering the the Craiglist Wars for quite awhile and I have to admit this could become quite nasty but unfortunately it was overdue.

One of my favorite real estate websites unleashed another titan onto the rental universe. Jeremy Bencken of Apartment Ratings has recently launched Tenant Market According to their blog

“Tenant Market helps landlords find their ideal tenant fast by flipping the rental market and allowing landlords to search, filter, and contact renters.”
Just think of it as speed dating for renters and landlords.

As I have stated before in a previous entry regarding the outsourcing of rental brokers, this is just another step leading to the point where rental agents will be out manned and outgunned. However it will lead to more choices for consumers.

Happy trails folks!