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Friday, February 08, 2008


Drew Meyers over at Zillow has invited me to do another real estate Carnival. Here's the rundown.

Carnival of Real Estate #76
By Drew Meyers, | February 4, 2008

The 76th edition of the Carnival of Real Estate is posted over at Searchlight Crusade. There are a wealth of great articles highlighted — head over and take a look!

The carnival will make its next appearance on Monday, February 11 at Property Grunt. Please submit your best post by Sunday, February 10, to be considered. Are you a real estate blogger and would you like to host a future edition or take a more active role in carnival administration? If so, get instructions on how to do so here. Please check the complete FAQ list if you have other questions as to how to participate.

Here's a further explanation of a Carnival.

The goal here is to bring together the best real estate bloggers from around the country (and world) to share information about what we’re all passionate about: real estate. This is intended to be a forum for everyone to participate. Like a potluck, everyone brings something and may the best dishes be recognized each week.

The Zillow Blog Team — well, actually one very tuned-in guy on the team — was pondering the existence of Blog Carnivals for everything from “street poetry” to cats, but there was not one for real estate. Obviously, we were amazed by this realization. No Carnival for real estate? This must be fixed! So, we at Zillow thought, “Why not create a Carnival of Real Estate?” And so, we did.

Here's the link to submit your blog posts.

Please send them by 2/10/08. Mea culpa if this is a bit last minute.