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Monday, April 07, 2008

Vincent Who?

Since reading about the death of Minghui Yu, I am very angry. This was a young man who was just beginning his life and senseless taken away because of the stupid senseless actions of a young boy who has no place in civil society let alone on this planet. It feels like Vincent Chin all over again.

Those of you who do not know Minghui Yu was walking by himself minding his own business when a 13 year old boy decided to show off for his friends and prove his machismo by attacking Minghui Yu.

"Watch what I do to this guy,"

According to reports this is what this douchebag said before assaulting Minghui Yu who responded by trying to get away from him. This ended tragically with Minghui Yu running into traffic and was killed after being hit by a Jeep.

If you want more details go to Gothamist.

Minghui Yu’s death was as meaningless and sensless as you can get. I mean this f**King piece of shit wanted to show off to his friends by beating on a c**k with glasses. He wanted to feel big by attacking someone that he felt was weaker than him.

Now Minghui Yu’s parents are without a son. And why? Because of a random act of violence? Because of some asshole has self esteem problems? I can’t accept that and they shouldn’t either. He was their only son, their only child and he was killed due to an act of stupidity.

In the past two years I have documented incidents of violence in this city and I think it is going to get a lot worse due to the impending crash of the New York City and the recession. This is the time where we need to step up the police presence in these areas in order to send a message that this will not be tolerated.

And of those of who could care less, well let me put it this way, crime is bad. It is
very bad for real estate because people do not want to live in an area where they might get killed.