Property Grunt

Friday, August 08, 2008

Another great moment in real estate marketing

Yesterday I was in Flatbush, Brooklyn which can be a pretty scary place. While I was there I saw a young Latino man handing out these fliers. At first I thought it was for some store but after getting one I realized it was for an open house.

There are two obvious things wrong with this flier. First, there is no mention of the address of the condos in question. It is kind of difficult to go to an open house if you don't know where it is. The second thing is that there is also no mention of price. How do buyers know if they can afford it?

The fact that the phone number has a 917 area code leads me to believe that the sales person is either someone without an office or a developer trying to cut corners without hiring an exclusive broker.

As for it being luxury. Well, if this is what passes for luxury in East Flatbush, I think I will pass.