Property Grunt

Friday, August 22, 2008

A broken rule

Mea culpa good people for the lack of entries. I am a bit frazzled right now. Tomorrow I am taking a flight to the left coast at 10:45 AM. So I have to be at the airport by at least 8AM.

When it comes to preparations for this trip, I violated a key rule which was to prepare at least two weeks in advance. When I first moved to my apartment , I knew myself enough that I was quite a procrastinator, so I would start packing at least a month in advance. Which I did and made the move a lot easier.

I am only going to be away for the weekend, hence the violation of the rule. I did not take this even seriously enough.

The late Reverend Kensho Furuya, once told a story about studying under a Zen master in Japan. The master made an interesting observation about people and obstacles. It is not one obstacle that stops people, but it is minor ones that begin to compound when they are not addressed.

Right now I can relate to that. I am taking Jet Blue and as everyone knows they do not serve meals. Now I have known this for quite awhile, yet I have waited till the last minute to prepare my meals for the flight.

I was debating whether to take my razor and decided to buy some disposal ones. When did I buy these razors? Just an hour ago from the Walgreens.

What I should have done was set up a collection point in advance for these items. Even though I would not be packing until the night before I left, I should have had at least these items ready to go. Right now I am 90% done and it is now 11pm. I would have been done earlier but a personal emergency came up that I had to address which has eaten into my prep time.

This is one truth that I forgot about which is s**t happens. Even if you have all your ducks in a row, Murphy's Law is hiding in the water ready to shoot them all. Therefore, it doesn't hurt wrap your ducks in Kevlar and flak jackets.

I am a little behind schedule, but I will be alright for now. But I am not putting myself in this position again. So I will remember to at least take care of the little things first.

I will see you all next week.