Property Grunt

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Another great moment in real estate marketing: Swag

Sounds like a great deal. Get a free evaluation of your apartment and you get a Zagat guide and a $50 dining gift card.

I know alot of you are thinking "Well, I will simply setup the evaluation and rip them off of the free Zagat and gift card." Honestly you are not ripping them off. You see all the big firms buy Zagat guides in bulk so their agents can give them out as gifts to their clients. The complimentary gift card is a new thing for me, I suspect these 3 brokers pooled their money together to buy a stack of cards.

What these brokers get out of the situation is information. The data they collect will be placed in the their listings database and they will add the potential listing to their own stash which they will tap into in the near future when they are looking for sellers.

If someone wanted to take advantage of the situation what they could do is line up a bunch of friends and set up a string of evaluations to collect the cards. Even if you don't own an apartment, you could just borrow one from a friend.

I do love their 5 reasons to sell.

Obviously these 3 were not at the Yale Club.