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Friday, January 30, 2009

Roll Call: What the hell edition extended ! Amy Sedaris on crack

This is from the Angry Asian Man. Below is a description.

A reader named Gloria sends in this juicy little scan... She informs me that actress/author/comedienne Amy Sedaris did a show last week at Haverford College. Gloria's brother (who happens to be Chinese American) got a copy of Sedaris' book I Like You: Hospitality Under The Influence signed for her.

The above scan is what she apparently inscribed on the inside of the book. Yes, you're reading that right. As if "Ching Chong" wasn't enough, the rudimentary buck-toothed chink-eyed caricature is sort of icing on the racist cake.

What the hell, Amy Sedaris? Is that supposed to be clever? Are we supposed to write that off as "quirky"? I've never been a huge fan of hers... but I've never disliked her either. That has changed. I have to wonder what Gloria's brother thought when she handed this back to him. Not cool. That's racist! (Thanks, Gloria.)

The reaction I got from my inner circle was varied.

One family member stated its okay since she is single, most likely will never breed and the line end with her. A friend stated that maybe considering her work perhaps she was acting in character. My response was that sure if she was acting like a racist douchebag.

I have no problem with racial comedy as long as its funny like Chappelle and Pryor. But this is not comedy.