Property Grunt

Friday, February 20, 2009

The few at NYU part 4

Y'know. I did some thinking. F**k it. This group now has NYU by the balls. Because NYU will now be associated with riots and be part of a every clip reel of every reality disaster show that is on Spike and Tru Tv.

All the goodwill that John Sexton has gathered by spending copious amounts of money on is now pretty much gone. This is a PR nightmare for NYU.

And with the Obama administration demanding more transparency from banks and other institutions, I think that NYU will also be dragged into the harsh spotlight to reveal their finances and how they spend students money.

It is a different world now because people are pissed and they want accountability, particularly with where there money is going.

The media will be definitely focusing on NYU's finances, particularly since NYU got ass raped by Madoff. People who pay for that school want to know what is going on.

That is why even if NYU destroys this group, these individuals have accomplished their mission by bringing everyone's attention in how this school operates.

Perhaps they can prove my theory that the higher tuition and hiring freeze is just a ploy to make NYU an ATM machine for Wall Street.