Property Grunt

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Cleaning out the house

Due to swine flu and my paranoia, I am going to be doing more activities around my apartment. In other words I am throwing crap out.

I am probably one of the most disorganized person in the world and what cripples me most is paper. Since I was young, I have never been able to properly organize my papers and any attempts to organize results in a reject from a Red Grooms exhibit.

The problem is that I procrastinate. Whenever I get any of document, I put it aside or shove it in my filing cabinet where it accumulates over time. Then when I need something I open it up and I am like holy s**t where did this mess come from?

Unfortunately, paper plays a key role in real estate and it can be rather maddening if you are not organized.

The optimal strategy is to attack. Do not take any piece of paper for granted. Either file it away or toss it. I am a lazy person, so I am in the process of creating the laziest filing system that I can make. Right now it consists of 12 hanging file folders for each month of the year.

I am going to be hanging out at the Container Store looking for all types of boxes to store stuff away. I hate this, I really do. I mean I feel like this is a waste of my time and it is so boring. But I can't deal with this anymore. I can't deal with scraps of paper and other things that I have never used. It is not just the physical clutter but also the mental and spiritual suckage that is created with all of this crap.

Not to be morbid, but I have been thinking about my mortality and if God forbid the unthinkable happens, I want my family to be able to retrieve whatever they need from my hope with the greatest of ease. I think they would also be annoyed if they had to go through all this crap looking for important documents.

The other worst case scenario is that I need to bug out, get out of the city. Apart from having my belongings in boxes (which I have done before, I do not recommend it. Either you are living there or leaving there, not both.) I want to be able to packmy s**t lickity split and leave. That can be only executed with proper organization.

I am a failure at all of this and I realize it is due to three reasons.

1. I am overwhelmed by the project at hand due to the immense size of what needs to be done. That is easyily solved by not doing everything at once and focusing on only one thing. Once I accomplish that I move onto to the next assignment.

2. Once organizing I do not consistently maintain my system. That means I have to start this cycle all over again.

3. I don't throw s**t out. I have stuff that I have kept that I have been holding on for quite awhile because I feel I will be needing it in the near future. You know what? So far the near future hasn't banged on my f**king door screaming "Dude! Where are those you have been holding onto for the past 5 years? This is it! The moment has arrived and you better whipped that s**t out!" So I am tossing s**t that has no use.

Here's an example

I received this in the mail from some financial firm stating that they could bring me great wealth if I showed up for a free lunch that was being hosted by Bruce Beck. I thought it was hilarious because I am thinking to myself what the f**k does Bruce Beck know about investing? Unless he is talking about buying a sports franchise, he is not the first guy I think when it comes to financial advice. Why is he doing this? Does he need the money? Or is Bruce Beck some type of secret financial guru that we have never known about? I have no f**king clue. What I think what happened is that this company needed to genearate some leads so they send out these invites for a free lunch and a meet and greet with a sportscaster. Bruce Beck's agent probably told him it might be two hours of your time but you will get a nice chunk change to put towards your retirement. Nothing wrong with that. In fact I like Bruce Beck better than the other guy.

But I thought it was hilarious since it was an indication of how f**ked things are when financial services are desperately grasping at straws to drum up business. And how the Yale Club is whoring itself to anyone who can pay their bills.

So right now these are two blogs in one regarding cleaning up and Bruce Beck. Why? Because I know that if I do not write about Bruce Beck, that piece of paper is going to be lying around for another six months until I find it again, then I will debate to throw it out since I have not used as material for a blog entry. So I am getting this s**t out of the way.

So my objective now is establish a simple system of organization which I will maintain on daily basis and throw s**t out that I do not need. so I do not have to go through the f**king trauma of cursing myself as I look for documents that were needed 3 days ago.

I will check with you all next year on how that works out.