Property Grunt

Monday, August 24, 2009

Casting Call

This is a casting call for a new HGTV series that was emailed to me.

HGTV’s new series "Uprooted" is looking for high-energy home buyers
who are saying goodbye to their hometowns, totally picking-up, and
moving to a new place where everything is different. Whether they’re
moving from the mountains to the ocean, a major city to the country,
or making a move overseas, HGTV wants to hear your story.

In order to qualify:
• you must have begun the closing process on their new home or will be
closed mid September '09
• your old home must not immediately be occupied (unless current
residents would allow filming)
• you must not be moving because of retirement or military reasons.
• Price range must be between 400k to 1 million.

We are especially looking for families moving to or from one of the
following locations:
• California
• New York
• Hawaii
• Oregon
• Colorado
• New Mexico
• Texas

Candidates and realtors who are chosen for the show will receive compensation.

If you have the perfect clients and want to be on the show, e-mail

Please include
-your contact info
-where you are moving from
-where you are moving to
-when you are are moving

This is going to be an amazing show because right now due to foreclosures, unemployment and a horrible economy, there is a growing population making the decision to pull up roots. I think the fact they are offering compensation will have applicants coming in droves.

Historically, I think it is important to document this trend that is occurring in our society. I already heard of one story about a couple who left their home in Rye for greener pastures and now live in Colorado. Of course their house is still on the market waiting to get sold. And I have heard chatter of many people living in NYC who have to leave due unemployment and the cost of living rising against them.

So don't be surprised to see the topic of pulling up roots showing up in film and television. It will be part of the pop culture lexicon for quite awhile.